25 MAR – 1 APR  2018

Shalom AMI family.  Last weekend was absolutely fantastic!!!  Our Father (Pst Alph Lukau) was present at the Mega Cell to release the grace to serve God, on all the disciples.  Disciples were wearing beautiful uniforms, and it was a very colourful and exciting meeting. Glory to Jesus Christ.  Family, the IVP is happening from the 4th to the 6th of May. Let us go extra mile to invite everyone we know.  Let us fill the forms that we have received and hand them to our AMI12 Leaders, who will submit them to Papa in the Pastoral meeting next Tuesday.

Regarding the above scripture, the Man of God said, Peter had realised his mistakes, he threw himself at the feet of Jesus Christ and said “Oh Lord, move away from me for I am a sinner.”  He realised that he was dirty and worthless, and did not deserve to receive what he was given.  All that happened that day, was because of Jesus’ love towards his people.

The Word of God says, it is the kindness of God that leads a man to repent.  Please note that it does not say the harshness nor the anger of God.  We are under the impression that if God will be hard on somebody because of his mistakes,  this person will be brought to repentance.  That is why you fire your employee when he makes a mistake.  God does not operate like that.  He shows mercy even to the worse among them all.  If it was not for God’s grace, mercy,  kindness,  patience,  etc, who among us will still be here today? 

Peter saw the kindness of God and said Lord, I am a sinner.  Jesus said, I will make you a Fisher of men if you follow me.  Jesus did not pay attention to Peter’s sins which he had already admitted. If he (Jesus) did, ministry could not have begun.  Jesus used a mere man to fulfil the great commission of the Kingdom of God.  God chose not to use angels to carry out this important assignment,  but he qualified you and I though some of us still have some shortfalls.  He has qualified us to preach the Gospel, just like Peter.  The world will be a better place because of you. The Lord has made you a world changer.  God is good, hey?

Five things we are learning from this scripture:

1.  There was a great need for the Gospel.

2.  Jesus used the man’s boat so that he could reach the crowd. All of us have a boat, and God is after your boat.  Your boat is your possessions.   Whatever God has given you,  is what he needs.

3.  Everyone of us has to serve God in 3 levels.  In those three levels, God wants you to make yourself available.  a) Through who you are.  b) What you have, and c) what you can do.  God has blessed you for a purpose.  God blessed you having someone in mind. 

4.  Your job, network, networth,  friendship,  whatever it is, is the boat that God wants.  All of us must understand that God wants you to make available whatever you have to support his Kingdom.  We can store up a lot more than we can handle but the day we leave this earth, we will leave without car keys, houses, clothes, cellphones,etc.  Everyone of us must be a Kingdom ambassador whose resources are directed to support the Kingdom of God.  

5.  Your support is required in the following three levels:

a)  The Man of God

b)  The work of God

c)  The house of God

Please understand that without the Man of God, there will be no work of God and without the house of God, the work of God is not needed.  In Europe,  huge and beautiful buildings are empty because there is no one coming to worship God there. Churches have shut down though they are situated in nice buildings. Once upon a time, these were the houses of God.

As you decide to bless the Man of God, do it according to your faith.  For example,  pray for him that he may be shielded from all the attacks of the enemy. That’s where your blessing begins.  Then support the work of God and the house of God. 

Peter had made available his boat.  After the Kingdom of God was taken care of, Peter was blessed because he made his resources available for the Kingdom of God.  Family,  you will not be forgotten if you support the Kingdom of God.  As you make yourself and your resources available for the Kingdom of God, may God bless you more than you can carry. Declaration:  “There will be no bad news in your house.  Whatever was difficult will become easy from today in the name of Jesus Christ.”


1. We are counting down to our Prophetic Easter Rendezvous.  Please invite as many people as you can and be there atleast one to two hours before the service so that you can welcome the visitors. 

2. Disciples’ register is available at Homecells Table every Sunday; the AMI12 Leaders are requested to remind their disciples to meet, sign the register and submit it at homecells table at the beginning of the 3rd service.

3. Please go to your homecells on Wednesdays and ensure that you submit the Homecells Reports on Fridays or Sundays.