7 – 15 APR 2018

Family, I greet you in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ.  We were all filled with great joy to have our Father (Pastor Alph Lukau)  back from Milan, Italy.  Our Man of God preached with power and gave prophesies to a number of people. Two of the prophecies that Papa gave were about the husbands of these sisters who left them because they would find themselves on the floor every morning after being pushed out of the bed by spiritual husband.  The Man of God prayed for the sisters, and they were all set free to the glory of the living God.

Regarding the above scripture, the Man of God said if there is a nation on earth that has tasted the goodness of God, is Israel.  God loved Israel, but along the journey they faced difficulties.

1.  They needed to eat.  They forgot that God who  has brought them so far, was God enough to feed them.  They began to mumour among themselves and say “why did Moses bring us here to kill us in the wilderness.” This happened because of fear and ignorance.  Beloved,  when you look at the battles that God has delivered you from, is He not God enough to deliver you today?  This is how men behave; they forget God.  Regardless of Israel’s mistakes, God still came down and blessed them with manna. Manna means “what is this?”  You will drive a “what is this” in this season.  You will live in the “what is this” house. God is about to give you something wonderful,  that will be a wonder for your life.

2.  After eating, the children of Israel were thirsty. They had just seen a miracle but they forgot it. They began to mumour again, “we are thirsty.” They complained so much that Moses said, “Lord, these people are close to stoning me.”  It is funny how people turn against their leader when they are waiting for their miracle. You think maybe your leader is not praying enough. Family,  the mere reason why you are still alive today is because of the grace of God in your life, leave your leader alone. God can give you a permanent miracle,  but its maintenance is in seasons. E.g. God gave the Shunamite woman a child. Later the child died, but because she had not broken the relationship with the Man of God, she went back to the Man of God who brought back life to her son.

God said to Moses, “in the presence of your elders, take your rod and strike a rock, and the water will gush out of it.” This was a prophetic instruction, hence the outcome was not natural. It was a spiritual one. Family,  usually things that God tell us to do, do not make sense to us. Millions of the Israelites drank water from one rock.  God is about to bring a river in your desert.

God is asking someone to do something irrational, that you don’t know how to justify it. Beloved,  just do what God tells you to do. You will never do extra ordinary things if you want to remain in the realm of the ordinary.

God has asked our Man of God to lead us to strike the rock.  You maybe in the place where  though you are smiling, your finances are dry, your relationship is not working, everything seems to be so hard that you don’t know where to start. God says strike the rock. How do you strike the rock and which rock is the Man of God referring to? The rock is Jesus Christ,  the rock of ages.  Four ways to strike the rock.

1.  Through prayer. Have a relationship with God; be a man or woman of prayer.

2.  Strike the rock through your faith. If you are a man or woman of faith,  you will not give up on God.

3.  Strike the rock through the spirit of obedience. Throughout the Bible we see people who obeyed God being blessed by God greatly.

4. You strike the rock through giving.  Giving of the Shunamite woman caused her womb to open. Be a permanent giver. You will never go wrong if you are a giver.


1.  We are counting down to our 4-6 May IVP, please invite as many people as you can. In this IVP, the Lord will display his power in the way we have never seen before.

2. Disciples’ register is available at Homecells Table every Sunday; the AMI12 Leaders are requested to remind their disciples to meet, sign the register and submit it at homecells table at the beginning of the 3rd service.

3. Please go to your homecells on Wednesdays and ensure that you submit the Homecells Reports on Fridays or Sundays.