15 – 22 APR 2018

Shalom family; the power of God was demonstrated at another level last weekend.  As usual, Papa gave accurate and precise prophecies which were confirmed by people who were prophesied to.  We thank God for the life of our Father, Pastor Alph Lukau; one of his sons said “he is the only prophet that I know.”

The Man of God said the above scripture is about the story of Samson.  It was in the time when Israel had fallen in the hands of the Philistines. Judges 13:1 says Israel had sinned again, and as a result,  the door was opened for the enemy to attack them.  The Lord gave them up in the hand of the Philistines. Samson’s mother was a barren all those years but at that time, she conceived and gave birth to Samson.  Samson was not an ordinary child.  He was a Nazarite, which means he was a consecrated child.   He was born for a great purpose, therefore he was forbidden to do certain things. Those who are born differently must live a different life.  A Nazarite was forbidden to:

1.  Shave his hair
2.  Drink alcohol
3.  Touch the dead body

Because of his assignment God had given him an unusual anointing.  He was supernaturally strong physically.   Family,  God is about to give you strength. Because of your calling, you are anointed. May God give you the power you need to do or be everything he has deployed you on earth for.  Samson could terrify the army of men trained for battle by himself. Beloved,  you are the Samson the Man of God is talking about; you are born differently just like Samson.   His head and chest were up, his shoulders lifted.  He was bold and confident.  From today, you will begin to scare what scared you yesterday.

Samson was an obstacle in the plans of the works of the Philistines against Israel.  Ancestral spirits will never operate in your family again because of you.

Though Samson was strong,  he had a weakness of women. Family, please note that no one does not have a weakness. Though he was anointed for the Philistines,  he found a woman in the camp of the Philistines, Timnar.  What have you found in the camp of your enemies?  Samson convinced his parents to go and pay the bride price for Timnar.   Along the way he met the lion and killed it.  He used his anointing to kill that which God has set in his way to protect him. When he was on his way back he saw honey on the lion’s dead body.  The devil knew that he was not allowed to touch the dead body, so the only way to trap him was to put honey on the dead body.  Samson ate the honey from the dead body, that is the day he compromised his consecration. Satan will never tempt you in the area of your strength.

He later found Delilah, and he loved her. Through Delilah the enemy shaved Samson ‘s hair.  He was finally in the hands of the enemy who bound him and gauge his eyes. Beloved,  the enemy is after your vision.  If he takes away your vision and Anointing, he renders you useless. Israel was in tears.  Everytime the anointed one falls, the Kingdom if God suffers.  If we pray for one another,  the Kingdom of God becomes stronger.

Samson was wasted, but his hair had regrown.  The Philistines brought him in the hall where they gathered in thousands so that they could mock him.  He asked the young boy to take him to the main pillars of the building.  Samson prayed and said “Oh Lord,  renew your strength in me by your mercy.  Oh God may I die with the Philistines today.”  He pushed the main pillars of the building and all the people who were there to mock him died with him. That day he killed more people than those that he killed when he was still alive . Beloved,  God wants to give you strength today,  but you must learn from the mistakes of Samson. Live your life differently so that what killed Samson the anointed one  may not kill you.


1.  We are counting down to our 4-6 May IVP, please invite as many people as you can. In this IVP, the Lord will display his power in higher dimension.
2. Please go to your homecells on Wednesdays and ensure that you submit the Homecells Reports on Fridays or Sundays.