7-13 JANUARY 2018

Family, We take this opportunity to welcome you to 2018, our year of Reaping and Reward.  Our first Sunday of 2018 was glorious, all kinds of sicknesses and diseases were healed.  We had one outstanding miracle that took place regarding the woman who was knocked by a car last year and was operated on, on her left hip.  Since then, she was not able to use a shoe on her left foot due to the pain.  It was difficult for her to walk and she could not sleep on her left or right side due to pain.  Our Man of God prayed for her, to our amazement the woman was healed instantly, she was able to walk, as well as climbing the stairs.  The God of our Father, Pst Alph Lukau did it again!!!  We give him all the glory.

Regarding the above scripture, Pastor Alph said while Jesus was ministering, he needed the boat to use, and out of the two that were available and he selected one.  When he had finished speaking,  he said, “launch out into the deep.”  After using the boat that was made available to use, he blessed the owner of the boat.  If you become the boat that the Lord will use to reach out to his people this year, the Lord will bless you.

We don’t serve God to be popular or for people to see us.  We serve him for his mission.  For the work of God to go further, God needs you.  After fulfilling the assignment that he had for the day,  Jesus did not inform Simon the reward to follow after the use of the boat.  There is a blessing of God if you serve him with pure heart.  He wanted the boat to be for the service to God. If you serve God because you love him, he will see you through this year.

Jesus was speaking to the qualified fishermen.  Now let’s go into the deep. There is fish you will catch only if you go to the deep.  If you do not go to the deep, you can’t swim from that water.   Many of us are too reluctant to go into the deep yet the greatest part of God will only be experienced when you get to the deep.

Unless you go deeper with your relationship with God you will not experience what you are supposed to receive from God.  As you are able to develop yourself outside, build yourself inside as well so that you can stand, the devil knows you, demons and angels know you.  If you don’t do this it’s a matter of time, they will pull you down.  Serve God with your all.

If you want to have a catch, you must go into the deep.  Your worship must be sincere, and your life must be true.  Launch out into the deep.  Change your prayer life.  Do you have your personal time with God?  Do you have a relationship with the Word of God?  Read the Word for yourself so that it can build you up.

No Pastor is bigger than the Word of God.  Your life must be the reflection of the Word of God.  Read your bible because the Word of God is founded in the revelation of the Word.  Go out of your way to win souls.  The church of God has never been under the battle as we are experiencing now.  It is in this time that God needs the church to stand.  If all of us will be deep in God, we will change this world in a moment.

There will never be a price unless you pay the price for it. You should be ready to fight for your harvest. It is not Jesus’s responsibility to do this, but you must do it yourself.  You have to face the enemy, yourself. On the reaping day all kinds of insects are there to have your harvest.  If you do not fight for it, you will lose it. Jesus said the harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few, not the CEOs.  For the great harvest, you have to pull your sleeves.

If all men of God will learn to pray, we will not fake the miracles / presence of God anymore.  If every child of God will learn to pray, we will all have testimonies.  You can’t be a part-time Christian and demand a full time God. As Simon did what Jesus told him to do, he caught so much fish that even the net broke.

DECLARATIONS:  1. What is about to come to you will be a shock to the world.  2. They will investigate you.  3. This year you will get it large.  4. God will bless you exceedingly, abundantly; above all you could ask or hope for.  5. This year you will not get a small size miracle.  5. Your miracle will announce you to the world.

Family, every blessing in God is yours.  That is why God placed Adam in the middle of the garden of Eden.  The cars and houses of this world are yours.  But put God is first.  If you put God first, you will never go wrong.  God is calling you, he says give me your all.  Drinking, friends, parting, etc, did not help you so far, this is time for Jesus.  Let’s impart this world with Jesus.  Let’s show the world what we are made of.

Are you prepared to go extra mile with God?  To serve God with everything?  If you will say “Lord I am willing,” he will teach you his ways.  God is about to do what only him can do, if we will launch into the deep, the grace of God will come on us.  We will do beyond our own expectations.  Once you know that you are standing right with God, your miracle will not escape you. You will be so rich this year that the enemy will envy you and the unbelievers will believe God because of your testimony. No matter what you are going though now, you will win in Jesus Name.


1.Kindly note there will be a COMPULSORY general meeting with our Father, Pst Alph Lukau this Saturday at 10am at Kramerville.  Who should attend?
a. IEC
b. Kramerville Pastors and Ministers
c. AMI12 Leaders
d. All Heads of Departments
e. All those who serve in departments
f. AMI Office Staff

2. Please note that our disciples’ register will be available at Homecells Table this Sunday, the AMI12 Leaders are requested to remind their disciples to meet, sign the register and submit it at homecells table at the beginning of the 3rd service.