11 JUNE – 17 JUNE 2018

Greetings my family; I trust that you enjoyed the services in the presence of the Lord this weekend. Our man of God said that God is raising an army. This army will operate in great power in every sphere of life. Wherever they are the grace and the power of God will manifest. What is happening in the body of Christ may be shocking to the world; you have to be aligned with God to understand it. Right on the pulpit we will begin to see the glory of God as never seen before.
We are in the last days and something big has been released from heaven, for the body of Christ on earth. We have to be prepared and we will be prepared through knowledge. Knowledge will position us to receive. It is written, “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6 (KJV). Revelation knowledge is what is lacking today, not really the ability to quote scriptures. Many of us can quote scriptures, yet we have not yet tapped into the better part of those scriptures. God will open our eyes. As God will give us the revelation of power, we will operate in power.
God is lifting and raising a generation of men and women of influence. In this generation we are not called to do things as usual. God is moving you from the natural to the supernatural. He is moving you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. What takes people years to fulfil, you will fulfil in no time. There is something that God has released to the church now that we have not seen; that Moses, Elijah, Elisha and many others did not see.  The prophecy of Joel says, “In the last days I will pour down my Spirit upon all flesh.”- Joel 2:28. God will make you the reflection of His glory. To be the reflection of His glory means when people see you they will see His glory.
The whole world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, not the children of God. Children are dependent and they need to be lead. But sons are mature, and they enter into their father’s work; they stand and lead. This generation will have no pity for the devil. HIV, Cancer, low blood pressure, high blood pressure and sugar diabetes will go. We are an army that refuses to be intimidated. Greater is He that is in us than he who is in this world. We are strong in God. True power is coming to the church. You will see the back of your enemies.
We are called to be a shock to the world. We are here to touch heaven and change earth. Never again will you shed tears over that devil. Never again will you be defeated. Never again will the weapons of the enemy injure you. God is doing a new thing. He is doing exceeding abundantly above all we can think or ask. That devil that stood against you; that spirit of stagnation, of no progress, that kept you bound in the past, has been destroyed. Today is the day of freedom. You will no longer work like an elephant and eat like an ant. We will no longer be conventional. We will not do it as it used to be done.
The woman with the issue of blood broke the protocol. For 12 years she was bleeding. The law had deemed her to be ceremonially impure. She was forbidden to be in public. But she said to herself if I can only touch the hem of his garment I will be made whole. With the specks of yesterday, it is difficult to see the church as God sees it. The Pharisees and Sadducees said to Jesus said that it is through Beelzebub that He was casting out demons. Others looked at Him and said this one is a sinner. They used wrong specks to see through. God is about to do things that will shock the system of the world and the religious system in the church. That is why we have to align.
When Saul persecuted the church he thought he was right. Unless you bring the mere knowledge you have under the light of revelation, you will have no direction. The same weapon you have, instead of doing good will do wrong. We are in a very different zone and time. The time is coming when a child of God will walk into the hospital and when he walks out, everyone sick will walk out with him. Everything that God has for the church He will release it in quantity. The kind of prosperity that God is releasing now is beyond what you can carry. We are the army of the Lord. We are the recipients of what God has.


1.We would like to encourage all the sons and daughters of Pastor Alph Lukau to be part of the upcoming VIP (Gifts Transfering Gathering) on 6 May 2018, and pay as soon as possible.  Please invite friends, family, churches, etc.  This is not only for the Pastors, but for everyone who desires the gifts of God.  All of us will prophesy in Jesus Name.

2.Impartation Night is happening this week, on the 15th of June. AMI 48 leaders are requested to submit the names of their disciples not later than 12 noon on Friday 8 June 2018.  No one will be allowed to come to the Impartation Night without the AMI12 TShirts, AMI12 Leaders should make sure that they send the names and sizes for the their disciples to the Homecells Department urgently so that Finance can place orders accordingly.

3.Disciples’ register is available at Homecells Table every Sunday; the AMI12 Leaders are requested to remind their disciples to meet, sign the register and submit it at homecells table at the beginning of the 3rd service.

4.Please go to your homecells on Wednesdays and ensure that you submit the Homecells Reports on Fridays or Sundays.