25 JUNE – 01 JULY 2018

Good day family; as usual Alleluia Ministries was on fire this weekend. Our man of God cautioned us that in this season we must focus and pray as the enemy will be trying many things against the church. He said for the next seven months there will many calamities; but they shall not come near us. He encouraged us to pray and cover each other in prayer.

This is the time for you to get finally what belongs to you; to possess your possessions. It is a blessing to be blessed, and it is a good thing to bless others. There are certain voices that go into the world and speak contrary to certain blessings of God. It is easy for someone to say, “Die and go enjoy what God has for you in heaven.” But if you want to talk about the blessings God has for you here on earth, they say it is called distraction. They look at you as one who is distracted and materialistic.

The blessings of God come in two realms; in the spiritual realm and in the natural realm. What is in the spiritual realm must reflect itself in the natural realm. What you have in the spirit will lead what happens in the natural. It is ok for you to live well, to eat well, and to drive well. The word says, God has pleasure in the prosperity of His saints (Psalm 35:27). If all you do is speak in tongues and see nothing, your blessing is incomplete. It is ok to see the blessing of God in the spirit, take form and shape in the physical realm.

Before this season is over, every blessing released over your life will manifest, in the name of Jesus. For you to be blessed, what you have to do is not to beg God. Some people blame God, because they think God has not given them anything.  They are under the impression that God has blessed others and has not blessed them. What we need is not really to ask God for blessings. The word says, “In blessing I will bless you.” (Genesis 22:27). You may be right now walking in the valley of the shadow of death, but you are blessed. And this is where many of us have gone wrong; we have lost our confidence in God, and we keep asking Him to bless us. But God, my beloved, has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in the heavenly places.

There is no child of God who is not blessed. The blessings of Abraham are ours. The presence of the enemy does not mean you are cursed. If you do not come across the devil you are walking with him. But as for you, when the enemy meets you he will meet you blessed. You will kick him out of your way blessed. The blessings of God are already given to us. If you want to move away from sickness you just need to tap into your healing.

You have to learn to possess your possessions. What God wants you to do now, is just to tap into your blessing. God is taking you out of sickness, out of poverty, out of pain, to a beautiful place. Keep your eyes on the goal. Where God is taking you is worth fighting for. The power of God will make a difference. The Lord will establish you.

Before Israel went to possess the Promised Land, Moses picked 12 men and sent them to go and spy the land. They came back as witnesses that what God had said about the land was true. What God did not tell them was that the land was occupied by giants. He told them the good part, but He did not tell them the challenge. If He had told them the challenge they probably would not have left Egypt. Whatever you are going through is not a shock or a surprise to God, though you did not know of it. But fear not; you will not go down. You will keep on going from success to success, from victory to victory.

There are six things that can stop you from possessing your possessions:

1. Misconception of the ways of God: There is a way God operates and His system is different from the system of this world.

2. Fear: A feeling of insecurity that results from analyzing what is happening in the natural.

3. Lack of knowledge of God: It is only people who know God that will be strong and do great exploits.

4. Giving up hope: It is through your faith that you maintain your hope.

5. Change of confession: Keep confessing what is aligned with the Word of God.

6. Loss of your vision


1. We would like to encourage all the sons and daughters of Pastor Alph Lukau to be part of the upcoming IVP (Gifts Transfering Gathering) on 6 July 2018. i.e. next weeken.  Please pay as soon as possible so that your hotel booking can be confirmed.  Please invite friends, family, churches, etc.  This is not only for the Pastors, but for everyone who desires the gifts of God.  All of us will prophesy in Jesus Name.

2. Disciples’ register is available at Homecells Table every Sunday; the AMI12 Leaders are requested to remind their disciples to meet, sign the register and submit it at homecells table at the beginning of the 3rd service.

3. Please attend your homecells on Wednesdays and ensure that you submit the Homecells Reports on Fridays or Sundays.