10 SEPTEMBER 2018 – 16 SEPTEMBER 2018

Good day AMI family.  This weekend we saw the glory of God being made manifest in higher level.  God through our man of God, pastor Alph Lukau, exposed the works of satan against  the lives of His people. May God expose the works of whoever is behind your pain like He did on Sunday.  The world will know that you serve a great God.  Something great is about to fall before you.  They will know that God loves you.

The problem that many experience today is that they receive their miracles and lose them along the way.   The man of God has declared over your life that this time you will not lose what you have received.  You will not regress, but you will go forward.  Shame will not be your portion.  You will look at yourself and say the Lord has blessed me.  You will stand and look at that mountain and say, who are you great mountain, before me you shall become a plain.

Sometimes those who lack revelation look at someone who has lost something good, and comment saying, “God is trying to teach you something.”  Family, it is never the will of God that you lose anything you received from God.  It is only satan who rejoices when you go backwards. He is the thief that comes to steal, to kill and to destroy.  His mission against your progress shall be aborted.  The will of God is that you may prosper and go from glory to glory.

There is a promise that God has made to you, but the devil has plans devised to stop you and to try and pull you back.  That is why the apostle Paul wrote and said, a great door has been opened for me but there are many adversaries.- Corinthians 16:9.  Every one that stands in your way to stop your progress will fall before you, in the name of Jesus.  You will get what God said you will get, and you will move from success to success.   You are unstoppable.

There are three things that cause one to receive something today and lose it tomorrow;
1. Lack of preparation to keep what you received: You have to learn to maintain and guard what you have received.

2. Lack of faith: Faith is agreeing with God and accepting what God is saying. You receive through faith and through faith you keep what you receive.

3. Open doors: In order to protect what you received you need to learn to do things differently.  Jesus said to His disciples, “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’”-Luke 11:24.


1. Everyone who has not yet been to encounter is being encouraged to register the upcoming encounter which will be the last one of the year.

1. Disciples’ register is available at Homecells Table every Sunday; the AMI12 Leaders are requested to remind their disciples to meet, sign the register and submit it at homecells table at the beginning of the 3rd service.

2. Please go to your homecells on Wednesdays and ensure that you submit the Homecells Reports on Fridays or Sundays.