11 – 18 FEB 2018

Family, I greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This past weekend, the spirit of the living glorified Jesus in our midst.  Many people who were bound on wheelchairs for many years were set free, and they were able to walk again.  Many Pastors from SA, Europe, USA and other countries came to receive impartation from our Man of God.  We give God all the glory, and we thank him for the life of our father, Pastor Alph Lukau.  AMI, we are blessed by the best father, may God bless him richly.

With regards to the above scripture, our Man of God said, this is the greatest assignment for all of us.  Our assignment is to make disciples of all nations.  Whatever work you do, all of us should make disciples of all nations.  And please know that you are never alone, his name is Emmanuel, God is with us.  He is Jehova Shammah, meaning when you take a shower or doing all your daily activities, he is with you.  That is why your enemies will never find you by surprise.  David said, “I fear no evil,” for those who have a court case, do not worry, God is your advocate.

It is our greatest mission to understand why we exist.  The reason behind your existence is your mission.  What fulfils you is that which you do base on your mission.  If a child of God can find fulfilment in life, is to go and find your mission which is to win souls and make disciples.  If you do not do that, you will never be fulfilled.

We should all ask ourselves, “Is there anyone who is established in God because of me?”  Unless you win souls, there will always be something missing in your life.  The bible says “he who wins souls is wise.”  You make an impact in other people’s lives by preaching the gospel.  

You are saved so that you can win souls, then make disciples.  

Family, serve God while you still alive.  Your education cannot afford you the breath of life.  If you live, is because of God.  You have to ask yourself why God is keeping you alive.  More educated people than us have are gone, meaning that they died, but God has preserved our lives. The only reason God is keeping us alive is so that we can touch people’s lives.  Every time people hear that there will be miracles in a certain place, they run there but none of them are ready to pay the price for the Kingdom of God.  

Kingdom Advancers are Kingdom Financiers.  They are sold out for the Kingdom of God.  All they want to do is to see the Kingdom of God moving forward.  Rom 10:9 –“if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”  Beloved, salvation comes as you confess Christ with your mouth and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead. Whosoever believes in him, meaning everyone, whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  If God can safe your spirit, soul and body, he can also save your pocket, marriage, ministry, etc.

Ability to receive the right answers is in asking the right questions, and you will get the right answers.  Many of us ask the wrong questions.  When someone is having trouble, they ask who is behind this, not asking what is it that I should do to get out of here?  The woman of the issue of the blood decided to use the little strength left in her body to get her healing.  She pushed the crowd and touched the garment of Jesus; she knew how to ask herself the right question.

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”  If you do not hear, how are you going to believe?  The preacher is everyone who proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ.  How shall the preacher preach, unless he is sent?  The sent preacher will be the cause of hearing, hearing will be the cause of believing and believing will prompt you to call on Jesus.  For the preacher to be sent, he must be mandated by God, but it is the person who has been mandated to preach the gospel in a certain manner.  The reason why we stand bold is because we know the one who has mandated us has our back; though people may leave us God will never leave us.  We are not goats in a sheep house.

Yesterday the gospel was easier than it is today.  Great persecution was there but it was better than today.  Because of the Kingdom Financiers, the Kingdom of God is advancing.  One of the ministries that God is raising in our time is the ministry of Kingdom Financiers.  

Kingdom Advancers invite people to church.  When last did you invite anyone to church?  They are natural promoters of God.  They talk about God all the time, they stand for God.  They push God’s Word to people.  Family, we have the message to lead those who are in darkness to God.  Every preacher must have a story of his walk with God.  David said, “I defeated the bear….”   Do not desire to fight Goliath before defeating the bear.

Kingdom Advancers:  They make their resources available for the cause of Christ.  The prayer we should all pray is “Lord, I avail myself, use me to advance your Kingdom.”  What do you do with your money?   After taking care of yourself, take care of the house of God.


1. Encounter is happening on 17 March and the classes have started.  Those who would like to be part of this encounter, kindly ensure that you attend the class this Saturday (17 February) at 8:30m.  Leaders are encouraged to send their disciples to this encounter.

2. Disciples’ register is available at Homecells Table every Sunday; the AMI12 Leaders are requested to remind their disciples to meet, sign the register and submit it at homecells table at the beginning of the 3rd service.

3. We are in the fifth week of our 40 days fasting, everyone is encouraged to come to church (Kramerville) for breaking of the fast at 6pm every day except Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Please go to your homecells on Wednesdays and ensure that you submit the Homecells Reports.