WEEK 11 OF 52
SCRIPTURE GUIDE:  Ezekiel 37:1-10

Family, I greet you all in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The past weekend was glorious! The story of the sister who was followed by the spirit of R10 for 10 years was amazing.  Beloved, we are indeed a house of power and we thank the God of our father, Pastor Alph Lukau.

A young man called Ezekiel was serving the children of Israel, who were in captivity in Babylon. Ezekiel grew desiring to work with God.  It was his desire to be used by God and become an instrument in God’s hand.  The incident that occurred had never been recorded before.  In the same way, God will do in your life what no one has experienced before.

The spirit of God came upon Ezekiel.  Family, everytime the bible talks about the hand of God being upon somebody, that means God’s capacity is on such a person, to enable them to fulfil His assignment.  The Spirit of God does not only come upon us, but He dwells in us. If you are a child of God, then the Spirit of God cannot visit you because your body is a home for the Holy Spirit – He stays in you.

The question one might ask is: How come that the hand of God was upon Ezekiel, yet he was led to the valley of dry bones?  Similarly, the anointing of God was upon David, yet he walked in the valley of the shadow of death.  You may be the Spirit-filled child of God, yet your marriage is not working, your health not good, you have business challenges and everything you see is pain.  Some of you are asking God a question, “Lord, why?” Beloved, God said “you’ve got to experience where you are,” though it’s painful, you need to go through it.  Not only was Ezekiel in the valley, but God took him for a tour to see the dry bones.  If you have not experienced anything in life, then you have nothing to say. God will not allow you to take His people to where you have never been.

God allowed Moses to go into exile and He equipped him to go and take the Israelites out of Egypt.  God told Moses to go and explore the promised land but instead of going, Moses delegated 12 spies. He became a big fake leader. 10 of the spies brought a bad report, while two brought a good one.  Beloved, in life there are things which you cannot delegate, things which you need to do yourself.  God did not allow Moses to take the Israelites to the promised land. He killed him on the way and He chose one of the two spies who gave a good report to lead. You can only give what you have. For instance, you cannot tell people to give if you are not a giver.

Beloved, stop judging your brother! We often do not know why people go through certain challenges.  Ezekiel did not go through what he went through because he had sinned, but because God was up to something.  He wanted Ezekiel to understand that He had bestowed in him the power to change things.

God said to him, “son of man, can these bones live?” If you beat yourself down, you have aborted the plan of Christ in you. God says “instead of waiting on me, do something about your situation”. Beloved, you can change your environment.  Jesus rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet, be still!”, and the wind died down and there was calm.  Child of God, command the devil to go. Why should you die of the disease? Don’t be a victim. Arise in power and prophesy. Learn to open your mouth because a closed mouth is a closed destiny.  If you say it, you will see it because you operate in the level of God.  If God says, take R100 and add zeroes to that note, it will happen.  Speak your miracle, your promotion, your good health and your next level. PROPHESY! You can change that marital problem and defeat that financial challenge. You can resurrect every dead situation to life in Jesus Name. God bless you!