WEEK 13 OF 52

We greet you all in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  We had a blessed and fulfilling weekend in the presence of our Maker. God is using our Man of God, Pastor Alph Lukau at a higher dimension.  Pastor Alph shared with us on how we can change levels from dimension one to dimension two.

He spoke about the miracle of multiplication of resources where Jesus Christ fed the 5,000 men (excluding women and children) with five loaves and two fish.  It is important to note that Jesus gave thanks before the multiplication happened. Be grateful in life and you will multiply and prosper. 

Jesus released his disciples so He can have a moment alone. When He joined them later, he decided to walk on water.  We are called to do the same because before Jesus left, He said that whatever we see Him do, we shall also do, and even more. Peter stepped out of his comfort zone to walk on water. You cannot get your miracle if you do not step outside the comfort zone.  You need to experience the rages of the winds and the waves to get to your miracle.  

Beloved, you are not alone in this season. There are people who are happy to see others go down. Men rejoice over the pain of others and feel justified naturally. They get satisfaction in seeing others going down. God is with you and He will shut the mouth of the devil. “Lord, save me!” is a prayer you need to pray often because you need Him everyday and every hour. 

As Jesus jumped out of the boat, the people in that area recognized Him.  Pastor Alph pointed out that we have to be recognized for something; for example, your strength in the community. Shine with the love of God and let the light of God be recognized through your life. Jesus was recognized as a power-carrier and a life-changer who is full of love and compassionate.

Pastor Alph indicated we need to graduate from dimension one, where we ask God to touch us to dimension two, where we aim to touch Jesus; like the woman with the issue of blood, who decided to touch the hem of His garment. The miracle is in the point of contact. 

Family, the anointing disturbs the devil and it works best in the midst of battles. When you are in ministry, you need to remain in the house of God. Jesus worked miracles because of what he put in. He was above the elements of nature. Hold on to the Word of God and do what it says because it is bankable.  Step on to that word if you have a prophecy.  Peter stood on the Word “COME” as he walked on water. When the winds and the waves came, he however shifted his focus to the winds and fear crept in. Keep your eyes on Jehovah; He will not let you down. He is faithful and cannot deny Himself. God is merciful and compassionate. He will not judge and condemn you even when your friends and relatives let you fall.  God loves you unconditionally, irrespective of how far or how low you are. 

Pastor Alph indicated that we operate in a lower dimension (dimension one) if we wait for God to come to us.  He said higher dimension (dimension 2) is where we roll our sleeves and touch the hem of His garment. Four things that triggers the touching of the hem of His garment are:

1. Prayer – The Word of God says whatever you ask in my name, it shall be given unto you.  If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer. We must move away from being prayed for and learn to pray earnestly.

2. Faith – your total reliance (faith) on God touches His heart. Faith is not weakness but strength. God honours faith and not a doubting heart.

3. Giving – If you do not understand giving, you will see very little in your life.  Solomon understood giving that is why God could not wait until the next day to bless him. Cornelius and Tabitha understood giving. The secret to prosperity and greatness is in giving.

4. Act of Service – when you do not have duties, you should not have rights.  Most of us are part-time Christians who demand the attention of a full-time God.  Some do not serve in the house of God.  What do you do that will help further the kingdom of God?  Serving God touches Him.

Pastor Alph encouraged us to use all four instruments as they will enable us to touch the hem of God’s garment to activate dimension two in our lives.