WEEK 14 OF 52

Shalom Family! What a power-packed weekend we had! Hundreds of lives were touched and transformed at the Encounter.  Another outstanding miracle happened in our service on Sunday.  God revealed to our Man of God, Pastor Alph Lukau, that a woman was followed by the spirit of the bird for many years, and that this spirit was the cause of the afflictions in her life. After prophesying to the woman, Pastor Alph ordered that she brings her bag to the altar. Our man of God gave a full desciption of everything that was in the bag before the woman emptied it. The contents included the feathers of the afore-mentioned bird. The woman was delivered and for that we give all the glory to God of AMI.  He alone is God!

Pastor Alph indicated that God told him about the following three things that will happen to people present in the service:

1. There will be no barren woman within AMI.  

2. God is increasing financial grace and opening financial doors in people’s lives. He declared that from now there will be oil in people’s hands.

3. All the problems that people had physically are leaving them.  The month of April will not pass us by and all of us will testify.  Glory to Jesus Christ!!!

In the scripture quoted above, God said, “I place before you (meaning every human being; White, Black, Indian, big, slim, educated or uneducated; from north, south, east and west), life and death”. Choose life that you may live. If you choose life you will live, grow and prosper; you will be promoted and taste a good life. Once you have chosen life you WILL have life and even your descendants will also enjoy a good life.  Choosing life brings life but if you choose death you will die.

The power to choose is the gift that makes you to be like God.  Sickness or poverty steals your choices. We are all the products of our choices. If you master your choosing you will also choose the quality of life. No one can choose a great life if his choices are low.  Many people have calamities in their lives because of their wrong choices. One of the greatest ability you have is to decide.  Your decision-making ability is one of the greatest gifts God has given to you.  We all succeed because of the decisions we make daily.  For example, you wake up every morning when everyone is sleeping, to pray and travail. That is a good choice.

Beloved, success is intentional. You have to decide properly and choose well. Decide to look to Jesus, to submit to Him, to follow Him so that He can manifest in your life.  We are all victims of our choices. Being indecisive is a wrong decision. Therefore, make up your mind. You live or fall by your decisions.  May the wisdom come upon you so that you may have the ability to make the right choices and decisions. When you choose God you can’t go wrong, irrespective of your situation. Those who follow God will never be forsaken.

For many people, the grace is great but their faith is insufficient.  Beloved, what does not stretch you will not grow you. People succeed because they take the right decisions.  You are born for greatness. May the Lord expand you and establish you as a Kingdom Financier in Jesus Name.  John Maxwell says “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” If your choice is aligned with the will of God, you are already a winner. If you are trusting God for healing, then close the doors that lead to the sickness entering your life. If you want to be great in life, choose the will of God.  Refuse fear and be bold. Choose to trust God because He knows better than you do.  If you cry today you will not cry forever. God will wipe away your tears.  Your breakthrough is in taking bold decisions.  At AMI, we choose to believe that God is the only one who can set us free and because of our belief in Him, we know that He will show up in our lives.  May your life change completely! May God’s glory be manifested in your lives!!!


1. The AMI12 workshop, for all disciples in all generations, will be held on the 22nd April 2017.

2. Easter Miracle Fest – 14th to 16th April 2017