WEEK 17 OF 52
SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Deuteronomy 7:9, Psalm 89:34, Judges 2:1

Family, I greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We had an awesome AMI12 workshop on Saturday. What a power packed and miracle filled day Sunday was! We witnessed astonishing miracles on Sunday.  We truly serve a miracle-working God! We saw our man of God, our supremely anointed apostle, Pastor Alph Lukau, restoring the life of a man who was clearly on the verge of death. Many others were healed of incurable diseases. We give God all the glory!

Pastor Alph preached on the power of the covenant. He said that every one of us can succeed and that it is the greatest tragedy to be in God but still be beaten by the devil.  He declared that the time of being in God and be beaten by the enemy is over. When people look at our lives they must see greatness. As Paul said, “… we are written epistles”.
There is a secret why one man of God will be strong in power, while the other is not. One is not strong because one prays a lot.  Once we know and understand the secret to what makes a difference, we will not boast or run after titles because we would understand that it’s Jesus Christ doing it out of his mercy.  Beloved, the secret is COVENANT.  Covenant is the only thing that makes a difference in the spiritual realm; beyond your academic qualifications, your gender, height, race, etc.  Covenant allows you to have what the person you are entering into a covenant with has. Nothing beats the covenant, irrespective of which bible school you come from.  If you are in covenant, you will walk tall in the midst of your enemies. You become untouchable, undefeatable and cannot be killed.  The level of your covenant is the level of your power.  If you understand covenant, you will laugh at the face of your enemies because you know who you are.

Your covenant activates God’s grace in you and without it no one will see God. When demons come across a person, the first thing they will check is the person’s covenant, before they respect them. The level of your covenant determines your power. The Four Levels of Covenants are as follows:

  1. Covenant with God – this is the covenant of the blood.  We stand tall in front of the enemy because of the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross of Calvary.
    2. Covenant with your Man/Woman of God – this is your level of destiny.  You can never achieve what you need to achieve in life if you do not understand this covenant.  It is the most important covenant in the earthly realm.  It is good to have a Pastor, but it’s better to have a father.  Your biological father is an indication of where you are coming from, but your spiritual father is an indication of where you are going (your destiny). The devil will always try to mess your relationship with your Man of God up, because he knows that once that relationship is not good, you are in his hands. You must stand with your Man of God. A true Man of god is a cover, guardian of your altar, your angel and the fountain from which you drink. What you do not celebrate will exit your life.  Whatever you do not honour, you will not have.
    3. Covenant with one another – it is sad that churches fight each other these days. We must have a covenant with our brothers and sisters, irrespective of whether he or she goes down. Do not befriend those who stand against your brother.
    4. Covenant with those behind you – everyone under our spiritual father, Pastor Alph, is a touch-not.  We need to have covenant with those we are leading.

Family, covenant is powerful because it makes you to be what you are in covenant with.  We were mere men, but as soon as we entered into covenant with Jesus Christ, we entered into divinity. If the devil wants to destroy the covenant child of God, he must destroy God first. When the devil sees a covenant child, he does not see him or her, he sees the covenant.  As He (Jesus) is, so we are… and this is because of the covenant. We serve a covenant keeping God!