WEEK 19 OF 52

Family, I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  The Lord’s manifest presence in the Night of Revelation on Friday 5th May was tangible and we thank God for the miracles that took place.  On Sunday, several people who were bound in wheelchairs for many years were able to walk for the first time.  AMI, we are truly blessed.  Our Man of God, Pastor Alph preached on the message titled “There is a miracle in my seed”.

Isaac, son of Abraham went to Abimelech during the time of famine.  Similarly, in the time of Abraham, there was famine.  Every parent must prepare his children because life is made of good and bad times.  Joseph understood through Pharaoh’s dream that in life everyone will have good and bad days, so no matter who you are, there will be time when life will put you down.  In the days of abundance learn to manage your life well. You must be able to keep in mind that there will be a tomorrow.

When Isaac went to Abimelech, he told Rebecca (his wife) to say that she is his sister because he didn’t want the people of Gerar to kill him. Although he lied, it was not a total lie because if you dig deep into his genealogy, you will find that Isaac and Rebecca were indeed related. His father, Abraham also lied to Abimelech (King of Philistine) and said Sarah was his sister. Abraham too, lived during the time of famine. The father and the son (Abraham and Isaac) therefore went through the same battle.  Parents should make sure that they win their battles because what defeated them may also defeat their children.  Every child fights his parent’s devils.

It was in difficult times, but Isaac knew the secret. He knew that the secret was in the seed.  In the moment where everybody was suffering, he knew that his seed had the power to change his situation, environment, future, etc. The miracle was contained in his seed.  Isaac decided to do something that is wise; he sowed in the dry land.  Beloved, there are places you cannot access with your intellect or connections, but your seed can take you there.  Isaac reaped in the same year hundredfold, and the Lord blessed him.   Whichever situation you are in, sow a seed.  Your seed has power to change your environment and your life. If you say you have no seed, you mean that you have no future.

Some people want the change of situation before they could sow.  Beloved, the only person who will change that situation is you through your seed.  Whatever you need in life is in the seed.  Everything God has is locked in the seed.  Jesus was seed in humanity.  If you have no seed, you have no breakthrough.  Everything in life responds to a seed.  For every request, there is a seed for it, even for anointing, you should sow a seed.  The bible says whosoever will receive my prophet will get a reward of a prophet.

Isaac was already blessed through his father but when he sowed, he activated his blessing.  There are many children of God whose lives are difficult. Please note that there is something around you, that will cause your next miracle to manifest.  Whenever there is an attack, sow a seed.  Isaac began to prosper after sowing the seed.  He began to prosper, continued to prosper until he was very prosperous.  If you are a sower, then there will be no stop to your prosperity.  Those who are waiting for your downfall will wait for eternity. The car that you are driving will not be the car that you will be driving tomorrow. The house you live in today will not be the house that you will live in tomorrow. You should do what nobody in your family ever did.  As you do so, God is about to exaggerate with you.  He is turning the tables. This is your moment! Refuse to be seedless. The Philistines envied Isaac and you will be envied too. Refuse to be seedless, everything you have is a seed. Your money, car, house, etc – everything is a seed. Once in your lifetime, you need to be able to empty yourself.  Where you want to get to is locked in your seed.  Once you have sown your seed, God places a certain glory in you.


The next AMI12 Impartation Night will be on the 26th May 2017 – Be ready!
He Alone is God 2 event will be on the 24th June 2017, at the Ticketpro Dome. You are required to each invite and bring along 10 people.