WEEK 20 OF 52

Greetings Family! Despite the cold weather, people came to church in their numbers this weekend. We are truly blessed to be part of this house of power, the house of solutions, Alleluia Ministries International.

In the above scripture, the Lord is saying to somebody, “there is no one else besides Me”.  As we are approaching the He Alone is God 2, the question that arises is, “why are we proclaiming that, “He alone is God?” Beloved, God wants us to understand that “He alone is God” is nothing but the statement of eternity.  He is letting us know that He means business and is about to do something we have never encountered before. God wants to tell us what His intention for us is. God never has a problem to tell us who He is.  He said, “I am the Lord and there is no other; apart from me there is no God.” You do not have to search anywhere else for “He alone is God” and there is none like Him.

“I am the way the truth and the life.  There is no other way to go to the Father, except through Me”, says our Lord Jesus Christ.  God is never in competition with anybody, which is why you don’t need to compete for the blessings – He has enough for everybody.  Beloved, it is important to have a Man of God who can hold your hand and take you to a place where God wants you to be. It is imperative to understand how blessed we are. We have our Man of God praying for us, holding our hands and taking us into the place we have never been before.  What is coming your way, you have never even asked for, for He (God) is the Lord and there is no other besides Him.

In AMI, we believe no other report than the report of the Lord.  We are people of faith.  Faith is not denying reality, but it tells you that where reality cannot be denied, the truth must be applied. On the 24th of June, the truth about you shall be revealed; the truth about your health, finances, marriage and your life, will be revealed. Every area of your life shall not be left untouched by God.  He says, “I am the Lord, there is no other”.  Though you have not been fasting and praying and may not have been faithful, on that day, they (your family members, your enemies, your mockers and your colleagues) will know that your season has arrived and that He alone is God.  The 24th of June is not just an ordinary day. You need to get ready for that which God has in store for you.  This is your time and opportunity to be a channel of blessings, so go out and tell somebody about the 24 June 2017.

What will happen at the Ticket pro dome on the 24th of June is so that they may know that all along, we were at the right church and in the right covenant. They will know that it was a set up by God for us to be here at time such as this.  They will know in the morning, in the afternoon and at the midnight hour, that He alone is God.  Your miracle will speak so loud and will be so big that you will not have to struggle to get attention of people.  You will become one of the 144 people who will become the millionaires by the 14th of July 2017.  Beloved, we serve a big and mighty God.  We are sons and daughters of the Most High God.  Sometimes all you need is just to know that there is something on you and it is called the supreme anointing.  The 24th of June is the opportunity given to us to receive double blessings. Get ready to receive a fresh touch of God.

It is important that you get excited, be like a woman with the issue of blood.  You know that there is something that you need. You know that it is now or never. You have been waiting for your miracle for too long. They will know that from the rising of the sun, to the setting of the same, HE ALONE IS GOD!!