WEEK 21 OF 52

Shalom Family! We experienced another outpouring from heaven this past weekend.  One of the outstanding miracles took place on Friday when a boy walked for the first time after suffering from a disease that prevented him from walking for eight years. The mother said she was tired of carrying her son (for eight years), little did she know that God would change her son’s story the same night.  Pastor Alph prayed for the boy and he was immediately able to walk.  We give God all the glory!!!

The Man of God preached on the message titled “My sins have been forgiven.” Family, Jesus died and forgave our sins.  We all have to know that we have been saved and our sins have been forgiven.  Once the devil knows that you are ignorant in this key area of your life, he always messes you up. Unfortunately, many children of God have not yet embraced this truth wholly. It seems we want Jesus to die on the cross again.  When Jesus died, He fulfilled everything that needed to be fulfilled. This means that He paid the price in full.  All the sins have been forgiven; the sins of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Before you committed these sins, they were already forgiven. All you need to do is to receive the forgiveness.

We should live our lives knowing that sin is no longer a problem.  We have given sin prominence in our days yet it has been dealt with.  Our walk is not a walk of perfection, but a walk to perfection. Beloved, please be encouraged to always “run to God”.  Our sins are forgiven because of the work of Calvary. It does not matter where you are beloved; you may be ashamed of yourself for whatever reason. Pick yourself up and carry on with your journey because the bible says “A righteous man falls seven times and rises again…” We have been acquitted because Jesus took our place in Golgotha.

Here are the four things we must know:

Because you are forgiven, you have now been reconciled with the Father.  Sin had brought separation between you and God but because of forgiveness of your sins, you are now in harmony with Him. There is no strife and you are in perfect communion with the Father.  We have regained our lost position of being children of God.  Being a child of God speaks of power and elevation above everything around you.  The devil can do nothing because you are a child of God. This position is very important.  When the enemy attacks you, he is touching God, and he will never win.

Refuse condemnation. We must not live in condemnation because our sins have been forgiven.  Some people are so hard on themselves yet Jesus has paid the price for their sins.  Some people fast for many days, asking God for forgiveness, beating themselves up over the mistakes they made.  Beloved, sin has nothing to do with what you drink or wear.  All you need to do is to receive the forgiveness.  If someone makes a mistake, it is not your job to judge them. Those who are strong should strengthen the weak. As children of God we have the nature of God and our hearts must be good.  If you had an encounter with God, your heart must be good.  Do not want the approval of everybody.  Who told you that you should not be gossiped about?  There are people who gossip others simply because there is nothing to say about themselves. When they gossip about you, feel good that you are being noticed.  Do not bother yourself about people’s condemnation.  Keep on moving.  The worst life lived is a life lived for others. People will always have something to say about you. Refuse the devil’s condemnation. The devil likes to tell you something is wrong with you. Whenever he reminds you of your past, remind him of his future, which is the lake of fire.

Because of forgiveness we can no longer suffer because of the sins of our past.  You cannot pay for the sins of yesterday.  God has picked some people from very far.  Sickness, calamities, evil curses, etc, are not your part anymore.

Through Covenant of forgiveness we have eternal life. We could not have eternal life because the wages of sin is death.  Now we have eternal life.  The Zoë life of God is in us and because of that we will make it to heaven.  Because of Jesus, we will make it to heaven.  

Declaration: “Lord, I thank you because I am sinless; you have taken all my sins away.  Thank you that the devil has nothing to hold against me.”