WEEK 22 OF 52

Greetings Family.  We thank God for the life of our Man of God, Pastor Alph Lukau.  Our Man of God is a such a blessing, not only to AMI, but to the whole world.  It is indeed true that miracles are the children’s bread. As Pastor Alph normally says, “If God is not here, then where is He?” Jacob one day said, “surely God is in this place, and I knew it not”.  This past weekend we witnessed absolutely amazing miracles, and we give all the glory to God.

The bible tells us that Moses had an encounter with God.  He saw the bush being burned but not being consumed by the fire. It was at the time when children of Israel were in pain.  God sent Moses to go and confront the trouble of Israel. Beloved, whatever you do not confront, you cannot overcome.  It was imperative that Moses should go and confront Pharaoh.  It was however difficult for him to do so because he was raised in the house of Pharaoh.  Many people go through the same vicious circle of pain that keeps on recurring because they have not confronted the root or the cause. 

Please note that God was not sending Moses to go negotiate with Pharaoh but to confront him. God instructed Moses to instruct Pharaoh to “Let My people go”.  Our Man of God declared that the Pharaoh that has been tormenting us is being confronted and that he shall not follow us anymore.

Beloved, God is saying to the devil about you, “let My people go! You kept them in tears, sickness, poverty and pain for too long; let them go to a place of celebration and to their place of prosperity. If you refuse, I will deal with you!” May the Lord deal with your enemies! May the Lord deal with whatever has been destroying you, in Jesus Name!

God is saying, “in this battle, I am on your side”.  It is important to note that God is not on the side of your enemies for He is not confused and definitely not divided.  God is on your side.  Those who are fighting you do not know that they are fighting your God.  There is a battle going on family.  Jesus said that those who follow Him will be the heirs and satan also promised that those who are following him will be his heirs.

Pastor Alph declared that in the next seven days, we will begin to see our enemies falling before us. The Lord will expand us. Beloved, God is walking with you and wherever you go, He goes with you. Your enemies may come to you in one direction but they will flee from you in seven different directions.  Elevation is coming your way and the Lord will take you high above your enemies. If, however, the enemy refuses, then the Lord will deal with him.

In verse 5, the Lord appointed a set time…. From this day forward, it shall no longer be business as usual for you. The Lord is taking you to greater heights! They will look for you and will not find you where they used to find you. The days of your enemies are numbered!  Pastor declared that something will take place in the camp of your enemies. The witch will be burned by fire. Sickness is leaving you! The fire of God is coming down to consume all sicknesses and diseases in Jesus Name.

Pastor Alph highlighted that numbers are key to God. He further declared that in 24 hours from Sunday, we would receive our miracles and our victory. He activated a 24-hour miracle upon the health and relationships of everyone in the service.  Pastor further declared that payments that had been withheld from us will be released.


Please go all out and invite as many people as possible to the He Alone is God 2 event, to be held on the 24th June 2017. Remember that a registration form has to be completed and returned to the office, for a ticket to be issued. Without a ticket, entry to the venue will not be allowed.