WEEK 23 OF 52

Family, I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  We are counting down to “He Alone is God 2” and our father, Pastor Alph Lukau, is encouraging everyone to be ready to see what the world has never seen before.  Like the Egyptian magicians, people will say, “this is nothing but the finger of God”. Remember, every time Pastor Alph says, “God says”, it happens just as he said.  So, get ready!

Pastor Alph shared the vision that the Lord showed him as he was on his knees, with us. He said God took him to a place where he saw all kinds of riches. He saw diamonds, gold, emeralds and all kinds of precious metals and minerals, and they were all polished and shining.  He also saw all kinds of currencies (Dollars, Euros, Rands, Kwachas, etc). The Lord said to him: “this is for My people”. When he asked the Lord as to how come these things belonged to the people yet the people were still struggling financially, the Lord replied thus: “Help My people to tap into what I have set for them”.

Deuteronomy 1:8 says, “See I have set the land before you, go in and possess it….”.  It is clear that as God gets ready to bless His people, He does not often deliver the blessing on the silver platter to them, but rather sets it before them and asks them to tap into it. Many people are struggling and suffering yet whatever they are desiring from God is just before them.  It is one thing for God to release blessings for you but it is another to take possession of the blessings. Pastor Alph indicated that his assignment is to help us to tap into God’s given provision.

Every message from God disturbs the devil, but there are three specific messages that shake him badly. These are:

(a) The message of salvation, 

(b) The message of the demonstration of the power of God and 

(c) The message of finances. 

Hearing such messages will give you knowledge and that knowledge might do the following five things in your life:

(1) Knowledge saves you.  You can’t be saved unless you hear – Hosea 4:6 says, “my people perish because of lack of knowledge.  satan does not want you to know because not knowing will make you vulnerable. This is why he will try as much as he can to shield you from the truth.

(2) Knowledge will deliver you.  According to John 8:32, “you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Until you know the truth, you will remain in poverty and stagnation and there will be no progress. You must know the truth. Without finances, you will not be able to fulfil your God given assignment. 

(3) Hearing the message will raise your faith.  According to Romans 10:17, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God”.  How will you have faith for salvation unless you know about salvation?  How will you have faith for power unless you know words of faith about power?  How will you have faith to believe God for greatness unless you receive the word of finances?

(4) Knowing the truth will enlarge your path / spirit. “The Word of God is light to my path, it’s the lamp to my feet”, Psalms 119:115. satan knows that very well. Many have skills for other things, but the church does not have money skills; the church does not know how to acquire or multiply the money or what to do with it. The Word will give you a strategy on how to handle the money.

(5) Knowledge empowers you. The devil knows that if you hear the word about salvation, you will be empowered.  Knowledge empowers you. What you know empowers you but what you do not know, will kill you. Most often, the difference between a standing man and a fallen man is in their knowledge.  The devil knows that you are empowered to be and to do more if you have knowledge. This is why he wants to destroy every avenue you have to acquire knowledge. If you will embrace the Word, you will go from glory to glory and from success to success. Those who knew you will never recognize you again.

Beloved, there is no good spiritual value in poverty – poverty is a disability. Dislike it! Speaking to you about what God has for you is not oppression; it is to empower you. Do not be of those who applaud for poverty. 

Declarations: Whatever your hands find to do will prosper! Poverty and lack will never be mentioned in your life anymore! You will never lack food, clothes, accommodation, transportation, communication and all the basics, in the Name of Jesus Christ.”

Announcement: The AMI12 Disciples Workshop is on the 10th June 2017, at 09h00 at Kramerville. All the generations are expected to attend. There will also be rehearsals for all departments, in preparation for the He Alone is God 2 event. All those serving in departments are required to attejnd the meeting and those that are not currently in departments are encouraged to join departments.