WEEK 25 OF 52

We are counting down to He alone is God and we can’t wait to see what the Lord will do on that day. People are extremely excited, it will be a buffet, and everyone will dish all kinds of goodies as much as they want. AMI, get ready, you are about to shake the world with extraordinary miracles that will take place on the 24 June.
The Man of God said God has given you a buffet to serve yourself. The Word of God tells us that at the sea of Galilee there were many boats but Jesus selected the boat He wanted to use. He asked Peter to push it a little inside the water so that He could use it as a platform to reach out to the multitudes. Jesus did not really need the boat but He saw that Peter was struggling, so He asked for the boat. Many a time in our lives we come across challenges but to overcome them as children of God we must understand that Jesus needs our boat. This boat may symbolize that treasure you are holding onto that if you release it, it will elevate/push you to your next level.
When God wants to elevate you, He will always show you a need, for example, the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarepthah. When the man of God Elijah asked for a cake, it was the last meal that the widow was preparing so that she and the son could eat and die. When God wants to bless you, He will ask you for something. 
The prophet of God Elijah was once fed by ravens. It clearly shows that God is a provider. He knows your situation but you have to take a step of faith and give God your boat to turn around your situation. The Man of God Ps Alph has always taught us that nothing leaves heaven before something can leave the earth. Even in the beginning, the Word of God tells us that for there to be rain, the earth had to give up the moisture in the atmosphere through evaporation so that the clouds may release the water in the form of rain. A prophetic instruction obeyed paves way to a greater or new dimension. The devil is wise and cunning but at most he is also a fool. When you see Goliath coming or rising up, you should know that something is about to take place in the spirit realm. If the devil comes up against you, you must know you are on the verge of a breakthrough and the enemy wants to derail you. Our father Ps Alph has taught us that if you do not come across the devil, you are walking with him. Therefore, you must rejoice in the midst of storms because it is an indication that a miracle is brewing. The word of God says in Isaiah that if you go through the water, the Lord is with you, and when you pass through the rivers, the shall not drown you and if you go through the fire, it shall not burn you because God is with you.
For every blessing, there is a prophetic instruction. Obey it even if you do not understand it. Peter was washing the nets, most probably he was wallowing in his own problems before the Master asked for his boat. The question is, how many are willing to give away their boats? You may be washing the nets of your finances, your health, your family etc but nothing seems to be coming through, do not be discouraged, continue washing your nets. Sow into fertile ground, only then you can grow. The bible says, as long as the earth remains, there shall be seed time and harvest time. You are foolish to want to reap where you did not sow. Sow in tears especially in a season of drought so that you may reap in joy. 
Jesus said, go to the river and catch a fish and there you shall find provision. Somewhere, there is your provision being misused by someone. To connect, you need to go somewhere for your provision, do something. Throw your nets on the other side. Peter obeyed after trying it all. He said, nonetheless, at your word, I will do so. Do not tire too quickly. Peter decided he needs Jesus permanently in his boat and decided to follow Him. Obey God and pay your tithes. Our priorities are upside down or skewed. We are chasing things that are supposed to be chasing us. Money is a good servant but a bad master with a stinking attitude. Give Jesus, do not hold onto the boat. We need to know our assignment here on earth lest we fall off track. The most dangerous place to be is outside your assignment. Those who hold onto their lives shall lose it but those who give it shall have it. Do not give God your Ishmael this season, God is after your Isaac because the promise is with Isaac. Let us be not be hearers of the Word, but the doers as well.


He alone is God is here, all leaders are required to be at the ticketpro Dome at 8am on Saturday 24 June
Tickets for Night of Destiny are available at R450 per ticket, please contact the office if you would like to buy a ticket