WEEK 29 OF 52

Family, I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was raining miracles at AMI this past weekend. The brother who had 1% sight had his full sight restored. According to the medical experts, a person with 1% sight cannot tell the difference between light and darkness. We give all the glory to our miracle-working God. Many people received money miracles. Beloved, the anointing of our father, Pastor Alph, is an extraordinary one. We are prophetic! We are apostolic! We are AMI!

Pastor Alph’s message was titled “DON’T LOSE HOPE”. Pastor said this is the statement of fact and that whatever disappoints is not hope. If you have hope you will never be disappointed. Hope is a feeling of trust that something will happen in your life. It gives someone the joy that something good is about to happen. If you have hope, out of it you will have a testimony. When all acts have failed you, the only thing that keeps your mind together is hope. Hope is that thing that tells you that anytime from now, something good will manifest. Because of hope, you are convinced that if what you are expecting from God does not show up now, it must show up tomorrow. 

Hope is so important that you must know few things about it. Hope does not disappoint and it guarantees things in life. A man who loses hope does not have faith. One may be sick now, and doctors may say the situation is not getting better; one must keep looking to God because of one thing; HOPE. Hope helps you to see beyond your current. Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all the darkness around you.

To some people, when you consider what Pastor is saying, compared to their current life condition, it is like comparing day and night. It is through hope that we stand and say, “weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. Please note that weeping is real crying. It is the time of pain and if you do not have hope, you will not see the morning. You will therefore not enjoy the joy that comes with the morning. If you are hopeless, nothing can be done for you. This means that you are out of faith. Beloved, it is important to note that as long as you are alive, your Redeemer will come for you. The bible says there is hope for the living.

Lazarus’s situation grew worse and he died. Why is it that Jesus did not come immediately? What we learn from this incident is that God is never late. When Jesus came, He said, “move the stone” and He resurrected Lazarus. If you know how God works, you will have hope. If you do not know hope, then you will resort to things like substance abuse, trying to escape from the reality of your situation. DO NOT LEAVE HOPE, no matter how bad the situation is – keep on having hope. If your life has been saved, you must know that you have been destined for greatness. Christ is our hope of glory. Because you have Christ, when you find yourself in the midst of trials and tribulations, you can keep an expectation that you will move from glory to glory and from success to success, because Christ is in us and we are in Him. You may say that your situation is bad, that you fasted and nothing is getting better. DO NOT GIVE UP. If it is not a good today, it will be good tomorrow. Keep that hope and it will help you to remain focused. Hope helps you with the following:

• Hope will keep your mind together. If you remove hope from your home, that home will be destroyed.
• Hope helps you to keep your joy in the midst of the storm. Our joy depends on the things that are inside us, not on the things that you have outside.
• Hope helps you not to compromise. If you will not eat today, you surely will eat tomorrow. Be calm; God is not a man and He will not lie. Whatever He says, He will fulfil.
• Hope helps you not to give up and change course. You change course because you have lost hope. There is absolutely nothing God cannot do. Hope keeps your dreams alive.
• Hope helps you to press harder. You will work even harder because you have hope. Because of hope, you will pray more, give more and dedicate yourself more to the work of God.

• Our Mega Sunday is on the 30th July. Please purchase your prophetic salt before it gets finished
• Please submit your homecell reports at the homecell desk in the foyer on Fridays and Sundays
• Remember to sign the disciples register every Sunday