Family, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We thank God for the Mega Sunday.  We had Mega miracles and testimonies.  Another witch came again to try our father, but she realized that power has left her and immediately surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Once again, we are extremely grateful to have the father such as Pastor Alph Lukau.  May he live long, in Jesus’ Name.

Few weeks ago, our Man of God preached about a man who was a leper and was suffering from an incurable disease. This disease was so horrible and in those days, whoever was found with it was separated from the rest of the people because they were deemed unclean.  Anyone suffering from this disease would suffer rejection from the community because the disease was very contagious. Some problems challenge you so much that you feel like life is a death sentence.  Not only were they put out of the city, but they had to constantly sing “leper, leper, I am a leper”, to alert the community that they were lepers, in order to prevent the disease from getting to other people.  They also had to wear a sack so that they could be identifiable as the lepers.  There are times that the devil deals with you so much that your appearance shows that you have troubles. 

According to scripture, when this man, who was in despair, saw Jesus, he fell on his face – which is a sign of submission.  He humbled himself and surrendered his life to Christ.  You can never access what you despise – whatever you do not honour, you can never access.  

If you fear God, you will partake of the goodness of God.  Beloved, what do you do when things are what they are not supposed to be?  We serve a prayer answering God.  If there is a man to pray, there is God to answer.  The man said, “Lord if you are willing, you can make me clean again.”  It was not about capacity, but it was about ability. The man had understanding of what Jesus could do and is able to do. Unless God is willing to give you something, His capacity cannot help.  The man was talking about willingness.  Does God care to see you out of your trouble? This man meant, “Lord, I know if you are willing, my situation will change.”

Beloved, God is able to pick somebody from the dustbin and sit him with the kings.  He was able to resurrect Lazarus from the grave.  He went to the party where they had finished the wine. He asked the people to fill the containers with water and he turned the water into wine.  He made Joseph a ruler in the foreign land. He commanded the fig tree to dry up and it dried up. Our God can do anything.  You can come to church walking but go home driving your own car.  You can go to bed broke and wake up a millionaire. Never doubt the capacity of God and never box God.  He can heal you without the doctor. He can also bless you without an education. Do not frame God.  He is seated above the circle of the earth. He is an eternal self-existing One.

God did not just create your country, but your continent. He did not only create the continent, but the whole world.  He lives above everything.  He can make a short person grow taller.  He is bigger than your experience and your knowledge.

If you follow God crazily, you will see God doing crazy things in your life.  It all goes according to your faith.  God can remove a tumor from your body and can open your eyes. There is nothing God cannot do.

Jesus touched this leper, whose condition was contagious.  He had a reaching-out ministry.  He had an embracing ministry.  He touched him and said, “I am willing.”  Irrespective of your trials or tribulations, Jesus is saying to you, “I am willing to change your life today.”  God is willing to wipe away your tears beloved; to restore your life; to turn your test into a testimony.  Not only is God able, but He is willing.

This man had no hope and his back was against the wall.  Life had turned its back on him. He probably was thinking that dying is better than living. If you have the revelation of Jesus, in submission, in surrender and recognizing His authority with great reverence, you will be blessed.


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•  The Night of Revelation is happening on the 29 September, let us get ready and begin to pay for our tickets (we have an option to pay part of the money at the end of July, August and pay the rest just before the event).