Shalom family. I greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our father, Pastor Alph, once again shocked the world this past weekend when God revealed to him that a certain sister’s underwear was buried 27 years ago and that as a result, she could not have children.  God showed Pastor Alph that the Angel of God went to dig out the buried underwear, and the Man of God was confident that it will appear in her bag. Indeed a few minutes after Pastor Alph left the auditorium, the underwear appeared in this lady’s bag. We give all the glory to God!

The Word of God says,  “in a great house, there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and of earth, and some of honour, and some of dishonor”.  This means that there are diversities in the house of God.  The Man of God indicated that not everyone is the same; that not every pastor, intercessor, choir member, etc, is the same.  The vessels mentioned in the scripture have been summarized in two categories;  vessels of honour and vessels of dishonour. Family, it is important to note that one cannot be both. One is either the vessel of honour or a vessel of dishonour.  The Man of God posed this question, *”WHICH TYPE OF VESSEL ARE YOU?”*

Verse 21 indicates that if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be changed to become a vessel of honour.  God has given us a divine opportunity to improve.

Beloved, you can be sanctified, reserved, booked, and useful for the Master’s use.  When a person is big and yet useless; he is not a vessel of honour, he lacks a will to engage for the good of others.   

God spoke to Pastor Alph that he is raising an army of people who would be so powerful that the world will not resist them.  God will give them three things, WISDOM, POWER and WEALTH.  May you be part of those that God will use in our time. 

The Man of God further said that there are four types of Christians, and only the last will be part of God’s army.

1. Receivers:  A receiver is our assignment to a certain extent, but when the situation continues, the receiver becomes a burden.  A child needs a father, but a father needs a son.  A son is the strength of the father.

2. One foot in, and the other foot out: These are the Christians who are not committed to God.  They are still living in sin, though they have received Christ. Their minds are not renewed.  They relate to the house of God based on the social level but not on spiritual level.  Their minds are still in the world. 

3. Those who are very busy and active, but not fruitful:  This group of Christians do the things of God for themselves. Whatever they do in the house of God is just to occupy themselves. They work in the house of God because they want to be famous.

4. The AGENTS of the Kingdom of God:  These are the Agents of Change. Because of them, the church is stronger.  They are focused and purpose-driven.  They are men and women who stay the course and never give up.  They serve God with everything they have; they pay the price.  These are the people who will be used greatly by God for they are the vessels of honour, sanctified and selected for the Master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.


I will grow in wisdom!

I will grow in power!

I will grow in wealth!

I will speak in power in Jesus Name!

Authority is coming to the church, in Jesus Name!


• Please submit homecell reports at homecells table in the foyer on Fridays and Sundays

• Please remember to sign the disciples register every Sunday

• Encounter is happening on the 18 September, Leaders are encouraged to participate and the planning meeting is happening this Thursday, 10 August at 6pm. 

• The Night of Revelation is happening on the 29 September, tickets are available (we have an option to pay part of the money at the end of August and pay the rest just before the 29 September.