SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Prov 23:7, Prov 18:21, Mat 12:37 & Prov 12:11

I greet you family, in the name of Jesus. Once again, our Sunday service was graced with the manifest presence of God. The captives were set free and many people were healed from all kinds of diseases.  We give God of our father, Pst Alph Lukau, all the glory for everything he is doing at AMI.  AMI, get ready as we are about to shock the world!

Our father was teaching on the message titled “YOU ARE BORN FOR VICTORY.”  The Man of God said that in life, there are three vital elements and that if you can master them, then you will have victory, success and greatness in every area of your life (i.e. ministry, finances, healthy, relationship, etc). Every child of God is destined for victory. That is why you will always feel uncomfortable when you have a sense of failure, because victory is part of you.  Your joy is always complete when you are victorious.  As you understand these vital elements, you will flush out of your system everything that does not glorify God.  You will be successful in this season, in Jesus Name.

Nobody wishes to fall prey in the battle field.  You are useful in the society if you get to a place of victory.  Are people who are successful doing something that we do not do/know?  They were not born differently, i.e. they were not born with seven eyes or two heads.  They are mere men like all of us.

MIND – The first element you have to master is an element called MIND. This refers to your thoughts.  Everything you see in the natural was first processed in your thoughts.  You cannot live a great life if you do not have great thoughts.  If you keep on thinking defeat you will be defeated.  The world has built a structure for certain generation to think in a certain way because they know your life cannot be beyond the level of your thoughts.

Prov 23:7 – As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  This is a statement of fact. If you think this way, so shall you be.  Your transformation comes from the renewing of your mind.  If God can transform your inside, then he can transform your outside.  Whatever a man can perceive in his mind, he can have.  This is true even in your health.  Some sicknesses have nothing to do with the physical.  If your mind is not affected, then nothing is wrong with you. You can be sick without being sick and die with it.  What makes people do exploits even without any form of education is what they think. If your thinking is wrong, then nothing can help you. If you keep on thinking low, you cannot be high. Be transformed by the renewal of your mind (Rom 12:2). Remain positive.

WORDS – Prov 18:21 – Death and life are under the power of the tongue.  To live or to die depends on your tongue. Learn to declare success. Learn to declare victory.  Nothing gets into you unless you have opened a door for it. Until you say it, it is not yours!  What the devil does is to bring you pain so that you can say it. Do not buy what the devil sells you.  You should learn to trust God more than your local doctor.

Every time you say one word about yourself, just know that it will manifest sooner or later.  Words released over your life remain an invisible cloud above you and sooner or later they will rain over your life.  The Shunamite woman said, “it is well”, although she had left a dead child at home. Learn to speak over your children and over every area of your life.  Matthew 12:37 – by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.

ACTION – Be an action Man.  Prov 12:11 – “Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.”  A man’s dignity is in his work.  Men of faith do great work, they do exploits.  A lazy man may say a good word but he remains a betrayer of self.  If it is your health, work out your health. Pray for good health and command that spirit of infirmity to leave you.  Eat healthy, take care of yourself and exercise.  Stop complaining and murmuring! If no one is employing you, then employ yourself.  Beloved, unless you work like a slave, you cannot live like a king.  Believe in the culture of working.


• Please submit homecell reports at homecells table in the foyer on Fridays and Sundays

• Please remember to sign the disciples register every Sunday

• Encounter is happening on the 18 September, Leaders are encouraged to participate and the planning meeting is happening this Thursday, 17 August at 6pm. 

• This Sunday, the 20th August has been declared a Sunday of Prophetic Signs. Let us invite people to come and experience the power of God at AMI

• The Night of Revelation is happening on the 29 September. Tickets are available and we have an option to pay part of the money at the end of August and the rest just before the 29 September.