Greetings family.  What a glorious Sunday we had! We witnessed some incredible evidences of God’s power in our midst.   One of the most miraculous happenings of last Sunday is when our Man of God was led by the spirit of God to approach the sister who came to ask Pastor to pray for the brother who was given only two days to live.  The Man of God prayed for him over the phone. Life came back to the brother who could neither open his eyes nor walk. He was suddenly able to jump from his bed and walk. The church listened to his conversation with our father. We give all the glory to God.

Regarding the scripture, Pastor Alph pointed out that many great miracles took place through the hands of the apostles. He further pointed out that an apostle is not an angel but God’s representative. An apostle’s main role is to establish the doctrine of God.  Apostles are human beings saved by the grace of God. Whenever God wants to do anything, He uses man. 

Miracles come from God and they still happen today. Through the true apostles, signs and wonders took place.  Beloved. It is not a weakness to believe in miracles.  People brought the sick into the streets and laid them on the beds and couches, so that at least the shadow of Peter passing by may fall on them, in order that they could be healed. In those days, a great number of people believed God and the number of believers increased daily. When people saw the miracles that happened through Peter, some were not happy.  Every time you serve God, some people will stand against you. Be careful and mindful when you see a man of God attacking another man of God. 

The men of God were thrown in jail because they used to cast out the devils in the Name of Jesus.  One of the signals that God is with you, is the kind of attacks you face.  When the men of God give the kingdom of the devil trouble each day, they get attacked.  Do not be part of those who attack the men of God because you can attract curses over life.  You cannot stop the work of God; you cannot stop the unstoppable.  Beloved, God is with us util the end of the age. When you take a shower, He is there with you; when you are in disciplinary hearing, He is by your side. 

While the apostles were in jail, the high priest and his accolades were drinking champagne, celebrating, thinking that they have won. Beloved, it could be that some of your enemies are telling themselves that their mission is accomplished. What they do not know is that you are “unkillable”. Even in the days of Peter, they thought it was over, not knowing that it is not over until God says it is over.

The world may think that those who display the power of God have lost their mind or that they are exercising magic. Even the Christian Channels disassociate themselves with the churches that display the power of the living God. While Peter was in prison, God sent an angel.  May you come out of the prison of misery, poverty, lack and sickness. 

Where are men and women of God, like T.L. Osborn, John Knox, etc? Men who believed that the bible is a solid truth?  Where are those men and women who believed in miracles?  An angel set the apostles free and said, “tell them all about this life,” meaning, “the life of power of God.” The angel took them out. Beloved, they will look for you but will not find you.  Remain in your assignment and do not be distracted – God will justify you. You will never reach your destination if you stop at every barking dog.

It is important to note that the problem was not that Peter was preaching. The problem was the name they were using. If you just preach and you do not do the things of this name, everything is fine. If you, however are preaching in the Name of Jesus. They will stand against you. All the principalities will stand against you because of this Name. Do not keep quiet when the devil speaks, otherwise he will get closer.  satan cannot hold you; you are too big for him.


• Please submit home cell reports at home cells table in the foyer on Fridays and Sundays

• Please remember to meet with all your disciples and sign the disciples register every Sunday

• This Sunday, the 27th August has been declared a Sunday of Testimonies. Let us invite people to come and experience the power of God at AMI

• The 24th September is Mega Sunday. All our branches will meet at Kramerville. 

• The Night of Revelation is happening on the 29 September. We, and all our disciples and friends, are encouraged to take part. Tickets are available and there is an option to pay part of the money at the end of August and the rest just before the 29th of September.