Shalom family. We are all looking forward to a true encounter with God on the 24th of September (this coming Sunday), as it is our Mega Sunday. Let us continue praying for our Man of God, as he is currently on his knees seeking the face of God, asking Him to confirm His word in our midst. May God use Pastor Alph like never before, on the Mega Sunday, in Jesus Name.

Television ministry is a very important part of our ministry, beloved. Let us not only ensure that we take part but also encourage others to partake in the TV ministry. Alleluia Ministries International has come long way. Our services were initially broadcast on Adonai TV many years ago and we expanded to various other platforms throughout the years. We are reaching millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Our TV ministry continues to bless many people each day. We are taking the gospel to the ends of world through the medium of television, consistently so.

We thank God for our father, Pastor Alph, who has personally invested tens of millions of rands into the TV ministry. Because of this, the lost get found, the sick get healed and the bonds tying people get broken. Many of us got to know about AMI through the TV ministry. Many people cross borders each week to come to AMI because they have seen our services on TV.

Beloved, the truth is that the cost to grow and maintain the TV ministry is too high for Pastor Alph to carry alone. If you are blessed by AMI TV and other programs that we broadcast on other channels, it is because of the great effort and financial sacrifice by other people, which has gone into the TV ministry. We have an assignment to conquer the world for Jesus and to carry the gospel to the ends of the world. We cannot physically be in every corner of the world, but we continue to do so through the TV ministry. God does not want us to be spectators, but to be partakers. Whenever God demands something from us, it is for our own good, and not for His good. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and silver and gold are His.

Some people say, “I would like to go but I do not have.” According to the above scripture, the impossible was expected from the widow of Sarepta. She wanted to live, but what she had was not enough. The prophet told her to take her last meal and bake a cake of bread. When the woman did what she was asked to do by the prophet, God provided for her and the child immediately.

People sell their cars and other valuables while others are taking loans. All this they do to access that which God has for them. Beloved, remember that every time Pastor Alph says, “thus says the Lord”, whatever he proclaims comes to pass. Pastor Alph said Herodias has demanded the head of someone on the platter. On the 29th September, the platter will be broken. How long do you want to be in a place where you are now, where you are moving from pillar to post? It is time to break the platter! Prioritize your finances – put it in the right order. Beloved, partake in the TV ministry and be part of the service wherein the platter will be broken. The seed required to be part of the TV ministry is R5,000. Holding on to your R5,000 is holding onto your millions beloved. You need to start thinking beyond yourself. God is in the business of bringing the gospel to the lost souls.

Please note that this is not a fund raising. We are connecting to God. Decide that the devil will not rob you of your destiny.


• Please remember to meet your disciples on Sunday (after the 2nd service). Please do not leave until your disciples have been counted.
• Please ensure that you submit your home cell reports.
• Night of Revelation 2: Please redeem your pledges as soon as possible. You may make payments at the Home cells table by the entrance of the church. Speak to Pastor Tlotliso.