7 – 14 OCTOBER 2017

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Last week was our week of blessings – what an awesome time we had in the presence of God during the Sunday of Blessings. We are all truly blessed and all we now need to do is believe, keep on confessing our blessings and expect the manifestation of the blessings in our lives.  Our God is faithful and He cannot lie.  The accuracy of the prophetic on Sunday was mind blowing. We thank God for the restoration of the marriage of one of the couples. Surely God is in AMI!

Our Man of God declared that the blessings of Deuteronomy will apply in our lives. He taught us that a blessing is an empowerment to succeed; a blessing is not the material things. A blessing is not visible, but it is an element that God puts in your, life which later will develop into a blessing.  Anything that draws you close to God is a blessing.  A curse is anything that leads you away from God.  If having a ring on your finger leads you away from God, that marriage is not a blessing, but a curse. How many people today do not come to church anymore because of their promotion?  Do not run into a trap of the enemy because of material things.  The blessing of the Lord maketh rich, and it adds no sorrow.  A blessed man is a sorrow-free man.  He goes to sleep and dreams peacefully. He has food and the appetite to enjoy it.  Whatever steals your joy is not a blessing. Beloved, you are about to experience a true blessing that comes from God.  You can never have the peace of God unless you peace with God.  

A blessed person is anointed. Anointing helps you to do things in a certain way. It is the capacity that God gives you to do certain things, hence men cannot understand someone who is anointed. Anointing is not something that makes you loud. It helps you to be able to do things in a certain way. A blessing is be somebody, while the anointing helps you to do something.  Once the anointing operates, the blessing manifests.

Somebody may be blessed but maybe empty handed for now. It is a matter of time.  If you are blessed and anointed of the Lord, your future is guaranteed.  No matter what the devil does, you will win, and your enemies will lose.

Isaac became too old and when he was close to his death. He spoke to the older one of his two sons and said, “go and hunt the game for me and prepare it just the way I like so that I can eat and bless you”.  Rebecca (Isaac’s wife) overheard the conversation. She dressed Jacob with Esau’s clothes and prepared the food the way Isaac likes, gave it to Jacob to present it to the father.  Isaac said, “the voice is the voice of Jacob but the hands are the hands of Esau”. When Esau heard that his brother had received the blessing before him, he vowed to kill him. When people know that you are blessed, they will plan to kill you.  Jacob was in good books of the mother, who knew how to make a way to the father.  Similarly, you too should be in good books of the Holy Spirit, who will make a way for you to the Father, our God.  Esau remained with everything that the father had, but he was still troubled. If the blessings of God are not in you, whatever you think you have, you will lose.  All that you need is to be blessed of God.  Esau remained with the wealth and Jacob ran away empty handed. But Jacob he ran with everything.  It is just a matter of time and everything will change.  Jacob left empty handed but after few years he came back with so much wealth that he had to share with his brother. Seek the blessing of the Lord, you will always come out of every situation victorious.

We need to diligently obey the voice (the spoken word). God wants you to hear what the Spirit says. The Word of God says, “My sheep knows My voice”.  God is not average; He is not common.  The blessing will come upon you and overtake you because you obey the voice of God. The secret to the blessing is the voice.


• Please remember to meet your disciples on Sundays (after the 2nd service).  Please do not leave until your disciples have been counted.
• Please ensure that you submit your homecell reports.
• 25 October is our father, Pastor Alph’s birthday.
• From 25th to 29th October, we will have our annual conference, The Real Encounter. Let us prepare and invite people to come and witness the power of our God.