15-22 OCTOBER 2017

Family I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Beloved, as we are counting down to The Real Encounter conference, let us pray for our Man of God, the great harvest of souls and the move of the Spirit of God in our midst.

Our Man of God led us to declare this: “Lord Jesus, make me win!”  Israel was in slavery for 430 years, but God had made a promise that they will get out of slavery, to the place flowing with milk and honey.  Beloved, God is faithful. If He intervened in the case of Israel, He will intervene in yours too.  Remember the promises that God made to you; they will come to pass, no matter how long it takes. Israel became free after 430 years.  God is powerful and nothing is too hard for Him.  What is difficult or impossible to doctors is not impossible to Him.  Jesus resurrected Lazarus who was dead and buried for four days.

Beloved, follow God and He will never disappoint you. Follow Him in the morning, midday, afternoon, evening, at night and every day of your life.  Put everything you have in the hands of God.  After God set Israel free, they were attacked by the Amalekites. The Amalekites attacked them as they began to walk the walk of their destiny.  People do not necessarily attack you because of the things you have done to them – they attack you because your destiny scares them.  What your enemies do not know, however, is that you are born for greatness. They will try you but will never succeed.

Amalekites came with weapons against the children of Israel.  There are times when you ask yourself as to why you are going through difficulties or why God has allowed certain things to happen to you.  God is not the author of pain – but satan is.  Below are the reasons why God allows difficulties to happen to you:

1. So that you may know Him as your shield or shelter. Whatever you are going through will not kill you. It is so that the glory of God may be displayed in that situation.  Oftentimes, God prepares you for pain. If you want to know how strong you are, look at your enemies.

2. God wants you to have victory.  If you fought no battle, you will have no victory.  If God promises you a life of victory, it means that you will certainly come across battles. Every certificate and trophy speaks of the story; they speak of the time you had to go through sleepless nights and do a lot of sacrifices.  Every glory has a story and you are currently writing the story of your life.

Israel had no weapons as they were being attacked by the armed Amalekites. They had no experience of fighting as Egypt did not allow them to handle any weapons. They were not trained to fight.  Beloved, the Lord is on your side and you will come out of the current situation victorious. The Lord Himself will fight your battles.  Israel seemed vulnerable and the enemy seemed qualified for battle.  

What is the strategy to win battles?  What is the recipe for victory? To get into the outcome that the Word of God has destined for you, you should do things God’s way.  That is the recipe – if you follow it, you will always win, irrespective of how big your enemies are.

Joshua, the right hand of Moses, was young and fresh, ready for the battle.  Joshua here represents you and I.  Beloved, you need to have a Moses in order to win battles; a Moses whose hands are lifted on the mountain top. You must have somebody who speaks into your life; somebody who is able to correct and give you the hardest rebuke.  God gives men as a gift to men. He says, “I am with you, through My servant”.  You may have a Pastor and still not have a Moses.

The bible says that every time Moses’ hands were up, Joshua prevailed. When Moses got tired, the enemy prevailed.  The game changer here was what was happening on the mountain top.  When Moses got tired, Aaron and Hur took a stone and put it under Moses for him to sit on. Beloved, you need to make your Moses to sit down.  Unless he is comfortable, you are vulnerable.  He will not pray for you because he will be praying for strength.  Is your Moses standing? For how long will he be standing? Aaron and Hur supported Moses. Aaron could have said let me lift my own hands since Moses was tired, but he understood that that could have been a disaster.  Your Moses cannot be replaced – he can only be supported.  There is only one Moses in your life and the “spiritual uncles” cannot help you.  God does not call two people but he calls only one and the rest are the support.  As long as Moses’ hands were lifted, Israel had victory.  May you win in Jesus’ Name!


• Please remember to meet your disciples on Sunday (after the 2nd service).  Please do not leave until your disciples have been counted.
• The 48 are requested to ensure that they collect homecell reports from their disciples and submit those reports to homecell table.
• 25th October is our father, Pastor Alph’s birthday. Let us prepare our gifts.
• From 25th to 29th October, we will have our annual conference (THE REAL ENCOUNTER). Let us all get involved and make this the best conference ever.