29 OCT – 06 NOV 2017

Family, I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Real Encounter Conference was absolutely awesome.  All kinds of sicknesses and diseases were healed, the captives were set free, etc.  Beloved, it is evident that God of our father, Pastor Alph Lukau is alive.  On Sunday, the conference was closed with beautiful songs of praise and dancing that shook the whole auditorium, people went home filled with the joy of the Lord.

Our Man of God said the Lord brought the children of Israel out of Egypt by the prophet.  It was through the prophets that their lives were preserved.  The prophet helps you to conquer, and to go to where God wants to you to be.  We hear of prophets in the old testament.  Do we have prophets in the new testament?  The work of the prophets did not stop with Jeremiah, Isaiah, Elisha, etc.  It carries on even today.  God himself used the prophetic to create the world.  This means that through the prophetic, you can create things and they will come to pass.

Everything in your life can be wonderful if you can understand the power of the prophetic.  The bible says, “My people perish because of lack of knowledge.  AMI is the Ministry of prophetic.

Acts 21:10-12 – after the experience of Pentecost, the bible says a certain prophet called Agabus came down from Judea.  This means one after many prophets.  The prophet comes to give you the oracle of God.  You may not understand his words but he comes to serve you.  Sometimes God uses a prophet to warn you.  The works of the prophet are not only seen in the old testament, they are also in the new testament.  

What is the difference between these prophets?  There is no difference, the only difference is that
the prophets of new testament are more powerful than those of the old testament due to the fact that
they have a better revelation.

Who is the prophet?

1. A prophet is a servant of God.  For example, God has called Pastor Alph Lukau, and he said yes to  God.
2. A prophet is one with open spiritual eyes.  Not every servant of God is a prophet.  Numbers 24:2 “The utterance of man whose eyes are open.”  The prophet is able to see beyond what the natural eyes can see.  He sees beyond your makeup.  Every prophet can see in the spirit.
3. He can be present in the spirit in different places.  A prophet cannot do without praying.  In the olden days, prophets used to be called Seers.
4. Through the oracles of God, a prophet gives direction. However, if a prophet is not at a level of accountability, he can mess your life.  2 Kings 5:10 – The prophet said, go and wash in river Jordan seven times.  Sometimes the word of the prophet may not make sense, but if you trust the prophet, please follow him, you will never go wrong.  If a prophetic instruction is followed, there is 100% breakthrough. You cannot die or be defeated in the prophetic, A prophet is not your friend, he is there to pray for you and cover you.  To some people, all they need is prophetic instruction.
5. A prophet knows hidden things.  Men are looking for something that is missing,  the bible says “there is in this city a man of God, he is the honouraable man.  “ How many Men of God are still honourable? You behave in an hounourable way?  All the true prophet of God says comes to pass.  In the olden days, when people wanted to consult God, they went to the prophets.  Every time Israel went to enquire about God they enquired from the Man of God.
6. Prophets are slaves of God.  
7. He seats in the Council of God.  His words are sharp, he is exposed into what the intellectual of this world are not exposed to.
The difference with the prophet called by God and the one who has imposed himself is because the true prophet seats in the council of God and the other one does not.  Whatever is born of flesh, is flesh, and whatever is born of the spirit is spirit.   Those appointed by God seat in the Council of God.
8. A prophet is God’s spokesperson.  His eyes are the eyes of God, his ears are the ears of God and his hands are the hands of God.

A prophet is dangerous because everything he speaks happens even when he is joking.  Beloved, provoke the blessings of a prophet.  Whoever gives a glass of water to the prophet, he gets the prophet’s reward.  Every gift to the prophet’s life gives an access to the prophets’ anointing.
Go home and meditate on this message, your deliverance depends on the faith you have in the prophet.


Disciples are reminded to collect the register on Sunday before the 2nd service.
The 48 are requested to ensure that they collect homecell reports from their disciples and submit those reports to homecell table.