5-12 NOVEMBER 2017

Family, I greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  God did it again last Sunday!!!  Following the Sunday of Ministration of Salt, 21 testified that they are not HIV NEGATIVE, they presented Doctors’ report to Pastor Alph confirming their new status. Our Man of God said no one is allowed to die of HIV at AMI!!!  AMI, we are indeed “EXTREME.”
Regarding the above scripture, our Man of God said many times God will move in a way that people are not acquainted with.  For example, today, many people are afraid to be different because they want to be like everybody.  If you refuse to be different you will not be a vehicle to make a difference in people’s lives.  

In those days, the healing of people in the pool of Bethesda was a new thing.  The angel of God will come and steer the water, and whoever jumps in first would be healed. But since it was a new thing, some people stood against what was happening there.   Beloved, if you have to follow God, get ready to be persecuted and rejected.

Cor 13:9, Paul said “we know in part, and we prophesy in part.”  Do not boast with a small knowledge that you have in understanding the magnitude of God, your mind cannot understand God.  Everything about the Kingdom of God is spiritual; you cannot be part of what God is doing unless you are spiritual. The Kingdom of God is about the power of God.  People do not realise that everything about God is a miracle.  He delivered the children of Israel miraculously, calling Abraham was a miracle, if you say you are a child of Abraham and you do not believe in miracles you have a problem. The birth of Jesus Christ was a miracle, Mary (the mother of Jesus Christ) was a virgin and the spirit of God came upon her and she became pregnant.  Even Joseph was contemplating to leave her but Holy Spirit intervened and said she is carrying my child.  If you have to follow God and you are not acquainted with the move of the Holy Spirit, you will have a hard time.  

At the pool of Bethsaida, something supernatural took place, the angel of the Lord came down and steered the water.  Because God is sovereign, he does what he pleases and nothing is impossible with him.  Many of us try to master God and we find it difficult to digest some truths in the word of God.  An answer for any problem in life is God because is he sovereign, he does what is he pleases.  God can heal you with or without a Doctor, and no one can control God.  We are too small to understand the magnitude of how God operates.  No of us can master God.  The bible says a great multitude of the sick will get to that pool (if you are struggling as a Man of God, it might be that the water has not been steered in your church).

If a church of God can be relevant, we must be problem solvers, otherwise we will be just like the clubs out there.  We must be a house where people come to meet Jesus because God has set a church as a point of contact.  A church is a place where God lives, and demons being rebuked.  If you are not able to solve people’s problems, you become irrelevant.  

People came to the pool of Bethsaida because they had problems.  Why are you here?  Do you come to church because you want to be hugged? The reason people come to church is because they  need God to solve their problems.  Therefore, when you come to church, ignore the gossips.  Respect each other when you are in the house of God because you don’t know what your brother or sister is going through.  

The bible says as soon as the angel of God had steered the water, WHOSOEVER (that is a blank cheque) would jump in first would be healed.  If it is a heart that needs to be replaced, it was not a problem, if it was any kind of cancer, it was not a problem, people were healed from all kinds of diseases.  With Jesus, it always works, it never fails.  You can build your life on God .  His word is bankable, he cannot lie,  whatever proceeds out of his mouth will always come to pass.  

We are in the time when God has enlightened the church with the message of grace.  You are saved by grace, but the bible says faith without works is dead.  Faith is not passive, but it’s active.  In faith you do, if the woman of the issue of blood remained at home, she could not have been healed.  The bible says “If you do not work, you must not eat.”  You are saved by grace, but you are blessed by obedience.  Unless you have taken a step to do something, nothing will come your way.  Your life must count.

Two lessons we get from this story:

1. The angel’s capacity was only for one person, (one thing you must know is that every opportunity comes with expiring date.
2. It was for competition mind.  Life is not for sissies, you must pull up your sleeves and work.  Do not take your problems to everybody.  It has been proven that 90% of people you tell your problems do not care.  You must be tough, tough situations do not last, but tough people do.  

The difference between the story of the pool of Bethsaida and today is that those days it was the angel that would come and steer the water, but in our days it is the servants of God who steer the water for us.  That time there was no outpouring of the Holy Ghost.  The only one person got his/her miracle, but this time all of us receive our miracles.   Beloved, your life is about to take a different turn, because the angel of God is steering up the water for you.


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11 November is our “Prophetic service of impartation, power and supernatural blessings, and those who have registered online, kindly remember to collect your tickets from church.