5-19 NOVEMBER 2017
SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: 2 Cor 10:3-4, 1 Peter 5:8 & Col 4:12

Shalom family,  AMI was really EXTREME this weekend, thousands of people attended Friday service, on Saturday, people came to Sandton Convention Centre from all parts of the world.  Our Man of God released the blessings upon our lives, which will not only remain with us, but run in our blood line forever.  On Sunday, we all jumped into our pool of blessings, healing, deliverance, restoration, etc, and people received instant miracles.  People who were bound for many years on wheel chairs, walked for the first time. One of the outstanding miracles that took place is regarding the man who was blind for 10 years, and God of our father Pst Alph Lukau opened his eyes.  We give God all the glory for what is happening at AMI.  We are PROPHETIC, we are APOSTOLIC, we are AMI!!!
The Man of God spoke to us on how to defend our territory; he said though we have a great God, many people are still falling prey to the enemy.  He said many are defeated because they are not fighting rightfully.  You must understand that unless you win spiritually, you will never win in the physical.  It is possible for a person living in this time to live a life of complete victory.  There is nowhere in the bible where it is said you win some and lose some of the battles.  Beloved, from the day you gave your life to Jesus, you became a new creation.
Though we walk in the flesh, we do not wage war according to the flesh, and your faith is your protection.  No child of God should suffer defeat.  You will see your victory taking form of flesh soon.  When you go through difficulties, you feel sick and taking pills (that is fighting according to the flesh).  For you to win, you must use spiritual weapons.
The strategy number one that the devil uses is to make you feel that he does not exist.  If you do not diagnose your problem properly, you will not be able to give the proper cure.  The devil tells people the following lies. 1. He wants you to believe that he does not exist. 2. He exists but he does not operate.
Family, the devil is a law breaker.  The bible says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  He does not respect the law unless we enforce it on him.  Behind everything that we see in the physical, there is reference spiritually.  You can defeat the enemy in the physical provided you have won spiritually.  Whatever happens to you has reference in the spiritual realm.  For example, no progress, no success, etc, has reference in the spirit.  Do you think those who are making it today have four eyes?

As you exercise your fingers, to fight, God will give you ability to defend your territory (Territory means the specific ground that is yours and has boundaries). Though the territory is tangible, it cannot be limited to a piece of land. For example, your life is your terriritory because it is specifically given to you.  Your health, finances, career, etc, is your territory.  Without finances you cannot fulfil your God given assignment on earth.  God wants you to defend everything he has given you.  Before you came to be, God gave you a territory.  Adam was given a territory, but because he was not able to protect his territory, and he was cast out of it.  

When the devil comes, he does not want to be seen (1 Peter 5:8) – Be sober / vigilant because your adversary walks around like a roaring lion.  This means that the devil is looking for you, and he tries anyone.  He is always moving, e.g. John 10:10 says the thief comes, that’s a movement.  Did you know that you have adversary?  Your life may look like everything is good, yet you have the enemy.  When you were in the womb of your mother, the devil was already pointing a finger on you.  That is why some children are born with sickness.  Whoever tells you not to mind the devil has been bribed by the devil. Be vigilant, because your adversary (Satan) does not have a holiday.  When you have a tea break, or wherever you go, he follows you. Therefore you must never have a spiritual of holiday.  Satan does not come to give you a company.  He is not a generalist, but he is specific.  He comes only to kill, steal and destroy.  Even if he comes as a friend, he is looking and seeking who he may devour.  How to defend your territory:

1. You must know your enemy.  If you do not know your enemy, you will never be able to defeat him.   He knows what he is doing, and never underestimate him, know your opponent.
2. Close the doors.  If you keep the doors open, the devil will come in.  Do not continue in sin, gossip, accusations, etc.  
3. Be sober – Do not be emotional.  Choose your friends carefully.  Chinese say whosoever is carrying eggs does not stop to answer insults.  
4. Resist the devil.  Confront and resist him by using the sword of the Word of God.
5. Have faith, that means, stand against the devil through your faith.
6. Resist / confront him through prayer

Col 4:12 – “……..He prays always laboring fervently for you in his prayers,” in other words Agonizomai.  Agonizomai comes from the word agony.  If you have to have victory, you have to pray differently.  James 5:17 says Elijah was a man in our likeness, but he prayed fervently that there may be no rain.  Do not just pray and expect to see the result.  Until you agonizomai, you will not see victory.  What is a fervent prayer?  Everything in you prays, your physical and spiritual.  If there is a man to pray, there is God to answer.

Our impartation is happening on 24 November; disciples are requested to make sure that their leaders submit their names to the office for registration purposes.

Pastor Alph started preaching on spiritual warfare last Friday, you are encouraged to attend this service, and to invite as many people as you can.