19-26 NOVEMBER 2017

Greetings family, the God of our father Pst Alph Lukau is alive!!!  One of the prophecies given last Sunday was regarding the lady who has been to many churches where she was told that what is in her stomach / womb is a snake, and others said they do not know what she is carrying.  Our Man of God told her that what she is carrying is a baby, and she is four months pregnant.  We give God all the glory!!!
Regarding the scripture above, our Man of God said the Word of God says if there is anyone with predicament among us he must pray.  The bible says if one is sick among us she/he must call the elders of the church, but this does not stop you from praying for yourself.  Elders of the church are people that have been established or anointed with the responsibility in the church (not necessarily old age).    We have many people who are in the ministry but not connected with the church.
It is good to pray with your brother but you must be careful who lays hands on you.  The fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.  The fervent prayer refers to agonisomai, it’s like a competition / travailing in prayer.  It is the spirit of fighting while praying.  Here, James says when a child of God prays in faith, something must manifest.  The only thing the disciples of Jesus Christ asked Jesus, was how to pray because prayer has levels and many facets.
In this scripture, the bible speaks about agonisomai.  It means to feel the pain.  This is the prayer Hannah did when she was asking God to give her the child. There are many people who pray microwave prayers, but Hannah knew that in order to stop her rival (Peninah), she had to agonisomai / travail.  You will have an effect if you pray differently.  Hannah prayed so much that her lips were moving without words coming out, and the priest thought that she was drunk.  My question is, “which kind of prayer are you praying?”  If you have to jump, shout or roll on the floor, go ahead and pray as you are led by the spirit of God.  True power is effected in your life if you travail on your knees.  The bible says if there is a man to pray, there is God to answer.  Beloved, stop praying cool.  Do not leave your husband in the hands of God, pray for his deliverance.  If you do so, no one will steal your husband.  Not everything that happens to you is the will of God, hence you must enforce the will of God in your life through prayer.  If you know how to agonisomai, you will always see the results.
Elijah (known as the prophet of fire), is the man who stopped the works of the enemy in Israel.  He called on fire and the fire came down.  He had only one secret, he knew how to pray.  He was just an ordinary man, but ordinary people are able to do extra-ordinary things.  He was just like anybody, but the bible says he prayed fervently.  Why should you die of sickness when Jesus has paid the price for your good health on the cross of calvary?  When you see sickness knocking at your door, it’s time to pray.  Today, poverty has beaten so many people because they have accepted it.  As a result, everytime someone tells you that you can live in prosperity, you wonder.  Beloved, Jesus became poor so that you can be rich.  You must pray with your heart, soul and everything you have.
The bible says, my house shall be called the house of prayer, Jesus still answers prayers in our days.  If you call on me, I will answer you, “says the Lord.”  The Devil’s reign of terror in your life is over in Jesus Name, but you must take an answer by force.  Elijah became great not because he manipulated anybody.  It is possible for you to operate in the highest level of power, where men will wonder how God is using you so powerfully.
Today, the power of God is so rare in the house of God that people do not believe it anymore.  If you pray, you will see the glory of God.  You can take a government down by prayer.  Elijah literally controlled the weather through his prayer.  If you know how to pray, you cannot lose things any more.  Elijah went to the hill, he put his head between his knees, and he prayed seven times, that is perseverance.  Do not pray only at church, pray even when you are at home, in private. If you pray in private, God will bless you in public.  


Our impartation is happening this weekend (24 November); disciples are requested to make sure that their leaders submit their names to the office for registration purposes.

All the disciples must wear the uniform (AMI red t/shirts).

This Friday, we are having the anointing service; please invite all the people you are connected to, so that our Man of God can anoint us, the yoke of the enemy in our lives will be broken this Friday.  When the Prophet of God instructs us to attend the meeting like this, it means that there is something great God wants to deposit in our lives.