WEEK 6 OF 52


Family I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  We had another awesome moment in the presence of the Lord this past weekend. AMI, there is no doubt that God is with us. Our Man of God emphasised that the Word “I” in Joel 2:25, represents the word of commitment from God himself. His word will not return to Him void and He remains faithful even when we are not faithful. Pastor Alph declared that God is restoring our relationships, finances, lives and everything the enemy stole from us.
Restoration of God is not the restoration of man, which is the restoration of what you lost. God restores and restitutes.  When God restores your life, he takes you where you used to be and then takes you much higher.  The latter glory shall be greater than the former glory. For every trouble in your life, God is about to give you double! He is about to wipe away your tears and take you to where you never thought you will ever reach,  in the name of Jesus! You may have been crying over your relationship, job, project, marriage, etc… but hear what the Word of the Lord says, “I am doing a new thing in your life today”.  God is about to do astonishing things in this season.  Declare: “Oh Lord, restore my life”. May God restore your health, family, dreams, projects, finances and everything the enemy has stolen from you, in the name of Jesus!
Beloved, there are times when you take a step higher, and then you take a step backward.  Though God wants you to get to your place of blessing, He allows you to take a few steps back.  It is painful when you take few steps back and your enemies will ask you, “where is your God?”  Your taking a step backward is not a setback, but a way of God allowing you to position yourself well so that you can take a momentum to jump higher.  
You will jump at a higher speed in this season! There will be divine acceleration. You will go faster than before and you should not worry about your mockers or finger pointers. Your God is a multisystem God and His ways are not our ways.  Let the glory of God manifested in your life speak for you. Your mockers will admire you.  Like it was for Joseph, what was meant for evil, God used it for his good.  Do not mind the backbiters. The only reason they are trying to bite you from the back is because they are behind you.  You will rise from glory to glory.  Sickness, lack, jealousy or wickedness of man will not stop you. THE BATTLE IS OVER, says Yahweh. 
You are about to defeat every devil.  You cannot be defeated.  The devil is coming down, the nyangas and all those who are conspiring against you are going down.  May God shoot you to your miracle. Nothing will remain the same from this moment onwards.  God is about to do something that will shock the system of this world.  Angelic delegation of heaven is coming down from heaven to pick you up.  God is saying 335 people are receiving promotion this week.  He is again saying by the 17 February 2017 people will be healed of incurable diseases.  God is sending the angels to pull people out of the hospital beds. Receive complete restoration in Jesus’s Name. Before 17th February, you will see the glory of God. Remember to anoint yourself so that this year may be different.  God richly bless you.


Friday the 10th February 2017 is our Anointing Service. Bring your anointing oil to the service.
There is a meeting of all the AMI12 disciples (all generations) on Saturday, 11th February 2017, at 10h00, in Jerusalem’s Auditorium.