WEEK 7 OF 52

Family I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  As we are counting down to the end of our 40 days Prayer and Fasting, our Man of God declared that we will have the overnight success before Friday 17th February 2017.  The Word of God says the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off.  Let us be expectant and believe the Word of our Prophet. Somebody say “LORD GIVE ME POWER!”

Our Daddy said the Kingdom of God does not consist of talk, but of power.  Without the power of God we will not be able to impact our generation.  We can only be useful in our generation if we operate in the power of God.  You will never live the victorious life if you lack the power of God.
Jesus said to his disciples “Do not leave Jerusalem until you have received power then you will be witness unto me.  A witness is the one who has experienced something.  God is looking for witnesses.  When the power of God comes upon you, you will have no limit, but this can only be a reality when you open yourself to the power of God.

It is evident that the world does not have space for those who operate in the Power of God.  What threatens the devil is one thing; the power of God.  Family, do not embrace weakness, if you are weak, you will be eaten.  You need to put yourself together and rise in power. Through the power of God, healing, deliverance and restoration take place.  The power of God has nothing to do with theology, but everything to do with Holy Spirit of God, who empowers you to make a difference. To operate in the power of God, you need more than preaching, you need to be able to stand in front of someone dying in public and say “rise up and walk”. Other preachers feel uncomfortable when the power of God is being demonstrated because the weakness of their ministry is being exposed.

Words are cheap; many people only know how to speak and what is cheap is common.  What is powerful will cost you.  Your impact in society and in life derives from demonstrating the power of God.  You must operate in the Power of God and it starts with you, it opens your doors. Once the power of God has touched you, you begin to affect lives around you. If you need to defeat the devil, you need more than your education. The power of God makes you hot; and once you have the fire, the enemy cannot land on you.  In order to have the power of God you must:

  • Be thirsty for more, desire the power of God
  • Invite the gift of the power of God
  • Walk in it
  • From today, whatever defeated your family, you will defeat! 
  • You were born to win!!!
  • Wherever they had placed you and your family to suffer, the Lord is taking you out
  • You are not a victim, you are a victor!  The power of God will enable you to buy a new car, a new house, new clothes, etc. You will live to see the children of the children of your children, in Jesus Name.


Our Grand Finale is on 17th February 2017 from 21h00 to 04h00