WEEK 8 OF 52

SCRIPTURE GUIDE – Genesis 29:21-25 

We greet you Family, in the most powerful name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! This year, 2017, has just taken another turn since our Grand Finale. The Man of God emphasised that whatever God does, is permanent.  He pointed out that there is a shift in the spiritual realm and that it is important that we understand that this shift is permanent and will carry us throughout 2017.

In the scripture above, Jacob said to Laban, “…for my days are fulfilled….” It is important that when your days are fulfilled, like we have just fulfilled our 40 days of prayer and fasting, you don’t just fold your arms and wait for things to fall from heaven but should put a demand on that which God has promised you.  Take a moment to claim and name that which you believe belongs to you. The phase and the position that you are in at the moment will take you into your supernatural growth.

When the days of slavery in Egypt were fulfilled, before the Children of Israel went to the wilderness, God told them to put a demand (not a request) on their masters, for items such as gold, silver and whatever precious stone there was.  The Israelites probably thought that all the labour and hard work they undertook for over 400 years, was for wages.  God, however,  had a plan for them.  All the work they had done was a deposit and an investment and it was finaly their time to receive the return on investment. The bible says without any form of resistance, the Egyptians gave the Israelites the items they demanded.

AMI, for 40 days you made your deposits and investments and now is the time for you to have return on investments. When Pastor Alph pointed out that we have just taken a shift, he meant that our harvest is coming from heaven and that in whatever form we are trusting heaven to visit us, our time of visitation has come. It is a done deal!!!

Beloved you shall possess your possessions! Put your demands for not just for the common, ordinary or usual items but for uncommon, extraordinary and unusual items.  You have not finished the 40 days just to have that which is meaningless.  Your God has been setting something up for you. Every morning when you woke up and called upon the Name of the Lord, God said to His Son, “I am setting them up for that which eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, for the things that have not entered the heart of man, things that I alone, the God of AMI, have prepared for them because I love them”.  

The Man of God said he perceives that there is transfer of wealth taking place in this season.  He indicated that in the spiritual realm, something is leaving Babylon and is being placed in the hands of the people of AMI. From now on, change the way you walk and the way you talk because the shift has taken place.  You are no longer the same person, you have changed address.  This is the season for the arising from one level of glory to another.  God’s glory will be manifest in your finances, social relationships, market place, job, marriage, relationship with God, a brand new level of holiness, prayer time and in your devotion.  It is a done deal and the devil can do nothing about it.


AMI turns 15 years on the 24th February 2017 and we will have our birthday celebration on Sunday, the 26th February 2017.