WEEK 9 OF 52
SCRIPTURE GUIDE:  Psalm 115:16, 1 Cor. 3:9

Dear beloved AMI family,  we greet you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We had an awesome celebration service, which began on Friday 24th February 2017, as Alleluia Ministries International turned 15 years in ministry and still growing strong.

Our Man of God Pastor Alph Lukau said success is our birth right, and failure does not come from God. Though success is our birth right, many people are suffering, they do not experience the victory we have in God, because they do not know. God has given you dominion on earth, and poverty has nothing spiritual attached to it.  With empty hands you cannot afford to do things you would like to do. We must dislike poverty. You cannot afford to live a life of ups and downs.  Prosperity is a choice.  Six important principles to follow in order to be successful:

1.Vision: If you have a map and you do not know where you are going it does not help.  God asked Abraham, “what do you see?” and He promised to give Abraham as far as his eyes could see. Your vision is linked to your ability to see- if you perceive it then you can have it. What do you want to become and where do you see yourself? Have a plan and a vision; understand and commit to your vision and have a clear program for it.

2.Skill yourself continuously: invest in yourself; expand your mind and your understanding. The greatest battles in life are fought in the terrains of the mind. Associate yourself with things that build you, things that challenge you, and things that inspire you. Associate with greatness, grow in the knowledge of God. Learn every day, read and grow; do the things that bless you. Success is planned; prepare yourself now because when preparation and opportunity come together, they bring about a breakthrough.

3.Destroy fear and build confidence in you:  You cannot succeed if you are afraid. Before you can engage in battle, it should be clear that you have already won it or lost it. There are things that you have to fulfil and no one can succeed without building confidence. Know who you are, that you are special and important. Until God replaces you, you are the main man. Do not venture into what you cannot do. You must have the boldness of a young lion who is not afraid of a 1000 (thousand) hunters. When you know who you are, you can inspire others. Make things happen by building confidence. Fear will destroy you.

4.Do it: You can think of doing it, you can plan on doing it, you can pray of doing it but until you do it, nothing will happen. Go out there and just do it. You have fasted and prayed for 40 days, go and make things happen.

5.Perseverance: Be resilient and strong. There will always be winds and waves. Do not be a quitter- life is not always smooth sailing. Be determined to achieve no matter how many times you fall down. What matters is how many times you stand up and dust yourself. Put to work everything you have, your network and your voice, to bring about prosperity. When the enemy throws you a punch, do not cry, punch him back for the Lord has already given you a loaded gun. Possess your possessions. If you want the devil to stop, make him stop. Be undeterred, do not be shaken, be strong inside and make a difference.

6.Celebrate your Success: Celebrate God and honour Him. Reward yourself. Find what you love and reward yourself. Go on holiday with your family. Many a times, the Spirit of God is speaking to you while you are very busy and distracted. There must be a balance, learn to reward yourself- take a break to spoil yourself.